Articulated Dump Truck

  • Net Power: 329 kW (441 hp)
  • Rated Payload: 37 266 kg (82,157 lb.)
  • Heaped Capacity:  22.9 m3 (30.0 cu. yd.)



  • John Deere PowerTech™ employs external cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), easily maintained exhaust and in-line diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) filters, and variable-geometry turbocharger (VGT).
  • Conserve power and fuel with engine, hydraulic, transmission, and service-brake coolers that run only when necessary. Reversible hydraulic-drive fan option back-blows cooler cores, minimising the need for manual cleaning.
  • The system notifies operators of condition-based ash-service intervals for the diesel particulate filter (DPF) before service is required.

Cab Comfort

  • Quiet, pressurised cab features a new easy-to-read monitor and rear-camera display, along with options such as automatic temperature control (ATC) system that allows operators to simply select a desired temperature to get and stay comfortable.
  • Stairway lights can be turned on and off by pushing a button from ground level. They’ll also turn off automatically after a predetermined length of time.
  • Standard high-back air-suspension seat adjusts multiple ways for all-day support. Opt for the premium heated/ventilated seat with heavy-duty air-suspension and adjustable seat pan for additional comfort.

Ground-Level Maintenance

  • Filters, diagnostic ports, and hydraulic oil reservoir are easy to access. An industry-leading feature, Deere machines can be checked and serviced daily from the ground, eliminating the need for tie-offs — a big advantage on Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)-regulated sites.
  • Optional factory-installed auto-lube system with ground-level refill is electrically powered and integrated with machine diagnostics to help verify daily maintenance is being performed.
  • Fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) refills are also easily accessible at ground level.

Standard Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Standard tyre pressure/temperature-monitoring system helps maximum tyre life and fuel efficiency. A passive alarm appears on monitor if pressure drops by 10 percent.

Drive Modes

Three drive modes enable easy customisation by both inexperienced and veteran operators for a variety of conditions:

• Normal mode for everyday operation.

• Eco mode that, when conditions allow, conserves fuel by managing engine power delivery as well as optimising transmission response for those conditions.

• Traction mode, which optimises differential lock for maximum tractive effort in soft and slippery ground conditions.

Streamlined System Architecture

Routing of the electrical and hydraulic systems has been significantly simplified to improve reliability. Reduction of hose length and number of connections — 10% fewer than E-Series models — considerably minimises system complexity.

Jobsite Safety

  • Rearview camera with designated display that keeps the jobsite behind the machine in clear view is standard equipment.
  • Safety pin locks the dump body to the mainframe in a fully upright position and disengages hydraulics to prevent the body from being lowered.