• High performance, low height.
  • Low height to hood, to seat, to rear fender.
  • Ideal for orchards and vineyards.

Compact and manoeuvrable it may be, but the new John Deere 5GL offers all the performance you need around the vineyard or orchard.



Tailored to fit: John Deere specialty solutions

The 5G Stage IIIA Specialty Series provide the most comprehensive range of solutions for specialty crop farming.

While the 5GF provides excellent performance in wide vineyards and orchards, the 5GN is the solution of choice for narrower row widths until 185 cm (72.83 in.). Both the 5GF and the 5GN feature an extra wide cab of 120 cm (47.2 in.).

A low-profile solution (5GL) and a super-narrow vineyard tractor with a minimum overall width of 1.03 m (40.4 in.) are now offered.

The super-narrow 5GV Series is built to operate in vineyards with a minimum working width of 160 cm (63 in.). The 5GV Series cab, with an overall width of 100 cm (39.37 in.), is designed to pass between narrow vineyard rows.

In terms of tractor width, the 5GL (Low-Profile) Series is based on the 5GF Series. With the lowest possible height from the ground to the top of the hood 1234 mm (48.6 in.) and rear fenders 1089 mm (42.9 in.) the 5GL is a real low-profile solution.

Tailored to fit – the ideal match for all kinds of specialty plantations.

Low-profile dimensions (5GL)

The 5GL (low profile) meets users’ needs for operating in low vineyards, low orchards, or glass houses due to its low-profile shape. Relative to the ground, the tractor comes with the lowest possible height to hood, to operator’s seat, and to rear fenders to avoid interference with low-hanging crops or branches.

The 5GL compactness offers the right envelope and a low center of gravity; ideal for working in hilly and height-restricted conditions. It is an optimised package coming ex factory with the features suited for power demanding applications in narrow and very low working environments.

Supported by the low-profile shape, the dimensions of the 5GL Series meet operators’ needs without the need of further modifications. This solution allows the tractor to operate in low vineyards, low orchards, or glass houses without the risk of damaging crops or low hanging branches.

Powerful Stage IIIA engines

The 5G Specialty Series Tractors are equipped with powerful Stage IIIA diesel-only engines.

The higher 100 hp models are equipped with a robust 4-cylinder, 4.5-L (1.05-gal.) displacement engine. The lower 75 hp and 85 hp models offer a compact 4-cylinder, 3.2-L (0.8-gal.) engine offers real versatility and performance for all kinds of specialty operations.

The narrow width of the 5GV Series and the low height of the 5GL Series require a compact engine solution. The compact 3.2-L (0.85 gal.) engine supports the envelope of the 5GL Series going underneath pergola vineyards and the 5GV Series entering super narrow vineyards.

The engine ensures a high productivity under manifold working conditions. With a torque rise of 40 percent of the 5075G Specialty Series, 30 percent of the 5085G Specialty Series and 32 percent of the 5100GN/GF, the engine ensures the appropriate performance for versatile operations.

Service intervals for the engine have increased by 100 percent from 250 hours to 500 hours. This decreases maintenance costs and increases time in the field.

Outstanding power take-off (PTO) efficiency

The 5G Specialty Tractors 5GF, 5GN, 5GV, and 5GL can be equipped with electrohydraulic or mechanically engaged 540/540E or 540/1000 PTO either with or without ground-drive PTO.

As an average, orchard or vineyard producers use a specialty tractor about 40 percent for PTO applications. Efficient PTO performance is a very important aspect of specialty tractors.

The high constant power range of 400 rpm, torque reserve of 41.5 percent, and the low fuel consumption during PTO applications prove that specialty users can rely on a strong PTO performance.

Versatile PTO options which are designed to deliver outstanding power to PTO driven implements in the field – high constant power range, high torque reserve, low fuel consumption and a low power loss.

Electrohydraulic (EH) selective control valve (SCV)

The optional electrohydraulic SCV system consists of three hydraulic pumps and four electrohydraulic rear SCVs.

The electrohydraulic SCV option comes with additional joystick and fingertip controls for more ergonomic and effective implement control. During hydraulic operations with a leaf cutter, the joystick control provides maximum precise control.

Adequate hydraulic flow to SCVs and rockshaft and precise, comfortable control for power-demanding implements – high performance and precision in the rows.

Optional extra lift capacity (5GF, 5GN)

The heavy-duty 3-point hitch design on the 5G Specialty Series provides a standard maximum lift of more than 2590 kg (25.4 kN) at balls.

Optional additional lift cylinders are available for the 5GF and 5GN Series which increases the maximum lift capacity by 510 kg (1124.4 lb) (5 kN) to 3100 kg (6834.3 lb) (30.4 kN)

The Category 1 and 2 3-point hitch, in combination with the increased lift capacity, allows the 5G Specialty Series to be adapted to a wide variety of implements and applications.

Higher lift capacity for a wider variety of implements and strong performance means real versatility.

New comfort implement control (5GF, 5GN)

In order to guide rear attached implements into narrow rows even on slopes, the 5G Specialty Series provide the comfort electrohydraulic implement controls. Electrohydraulic lateral and tilt control including swing and lock function.

Those functions are enabled through the hydraulic deport block at the rear hitch, which fixes the sway blocks or moves the implement electrohydraulically.

Without occupying any rear selective control valve (SCV), the rear-mounted implement can be guided comfortably from the operator’s seat by depressing one of the three corresponding switches in the right-hand side console.

Any application with a rear attached implement can be executed in a more precise and efficient way by moving the draft links either lateral, adjusting the implement on uneven ground conditions, or by locking the draft links once the ideal position of the implement has been found.

The comfort implement control option allows the specialty producer to comfortably steer and guide rear attached implements in narrow rows. The implement can be moved electrohydraulically with a touch of a button in the cabin.

Effortless serviceability

Under the umbrella of the internal benchmarking activities, JDWM Customer Support performed a serviceability study with the John Deere 5085GF Series.

The serviceability study has been executed according to the directive SAE J817 Engineering Design Serviceability Guidelines – Construction and Industrial Machinery – Maintainability Index – Off-Road Work Machines.

Serviceability score points
Axis legend Value 5GF
Y Score SAE 753 8905

According to SAE 753, the John Deere 5G Specialty Series provides an outstanding serviceability score taking the following parameters into account:

  • Location and access to service points
  • Kind and number of service operations
  • Labor time behind each maintenance activity

Convenient maintenance and service with less labor time leads to spending more time in the field.