Utility Tractor

  • PowerTech™ PWX Engine
  • Category 2 3-point hitch
  • MFWD
  • Standard & Narrow Cab



Boost utility tractor productivity with AutoTrac™ guidance

5R Tractors can be ordered with AutoTrac integrated in the tractor display.

AutoTrac is a great solution if you are looking for a lower-cost integrated guidance system for your utility tractor. For the straight track only feature, you will no longer need an additional display or display activation. When a 5R Utility Tractor is ordered with AutoTrac Ready (code 1803), the AutoTrac screen is included; all you need to add is a StarFire™ 6000 Receiver.

5R Tractors can also be factory equipped with a 4240 Universal Display that transitions AutoTrac guidance from the tractor display to the Gen 4 4240 Universal Display for additional capabilities.

Industry-leading maneuverability

Compact tractor users often work in challenging environments, including in and around barns, fields, or livestock areas. Maneuverability is a priority as space can be limited at times. Implementing the single-piece mid-frame designs and the curved frame enabled the wheelbase of the 5R to shrink by 50 mm (3.9 in.) when compared to the Stage IIIB (Interim Tier 4 [iT4]) 5M Tractors.

The shortened 2250-mm (88.5-in.) wheelbase provides best-in-class turning with a 7.5-m (24.6-ft) turning circle without the use of turning brakes. This calculation is based on using 340/85R24 (13.6R24) front tires, which provide 58 degrees of turning angle and a full 10 degrees of axle oscillation.

CommandQuad™ transmission provides fully electronic range and gear shifting

The CommandQuad manual transmission expands the proven reliability of the PowrReverser™ transmission with a four-range, four-speed transmission that enhances operator convenience and productivity through fully electronic powered range and gear shifting. Electrohydraulic cylinders move the range shift rails instead of a mechanical lever. This provides excellent ease of use and more efficient operation.

The CommandQuad manual transmission is equipped with 16 forward and 16 reverse (16F/16R) speeds, a left-hand reverser, and four powershiftable gears in four powered synchronized ranges.

Manual and auto options available.

Command8™ transmission for premium ground speed and load management

The Command8 transmission expands the proven reliability of the PowrReverser™ transmission with a four-range, eight-speed transmission that enhances operator convenience and productivity through fully electronic range and gear shifting, as well as automatic shifting capabilities. The Command8 uses the same final drives, rear axle, and differential as the already proven 5M iT4 PowrReverser transmissions.

The Command8 transmission is equipped with 32 forward and 16 reverse (32F/16R) speeds, a left-hand reverser, and eight powershiftable gears in four fully synchronized ranges. The Command8 transmission also comes with pressure and flow compensating (PFC) hydraulics in base equipment. The Command8 operates at speeds as slow as 1.9 km/h (1.18 mph) with rolling circumference index (RCI) allowing for speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph).

For even slower speed options, a creeper is available as a factory-installed option (requires PFC hydraulics).

Optional Panorama Roof Cab for the ultimate loader operating experience

The optional Panorama Roof Cab is designed to provide superior visibility for the ultimate operating experience, especially in front loader applications. This cab includes all of the features of the standard cab operator station and the features:

  • Panoramic sunroof with sliding top shade and pull down front sunshade
  • Front-corner-mounted speakers
  • Subwoofer possible in options
  • Additional interior cab light

Standard factory-installed, the cab also offers an auxiliary and a USB port to connect custom electronic devices and a Bluetooth® microphone, operators are able to connect those to any compatible radio. Integrated into the front speaker is an additional interior light in the bottom of the left-corner-mounted speaker

Loader joysticks with integrated transmission control

Controlling speed on the 5R Tractor in loader applications has never been easier. Whether the grower selects the CommandQuad™ manual, CommandQuad, or Command8™ transmission, gear shifting is included as base equipment on any 5R Tractor that is equipped with mid selective control valves (SCVs). These joysticks are mounted to the seat. Since all 5Rs come standard with swivel seats, anytime the operator swivels the seat, the joystick also moves with it. This design improves comfort and operational efficiency by always having the loader controls at the operator’s fingertips.

On top of the loader joystick are buttons for gear increase and decrease. By pressing the button for the gear movement to be executed, either increase or decrease, the tractor will correspondingly shift the tractor by one gear. If the operator presses and holds the button, the tractor will more quickly accelerate through the gears. And if operating in a multi-range mode (CD or BCD), pressing the button twice will change to the next range.

Standard AutoClutch for clutchless operation

With AutoClutch, which is standard on all 5R Tractors, the operator no longer has to use the clutch to control braking and re-engagement of the tractor if so desired. The clutch pedal is still on the tractor for those operators that still prefer to manually foot clutch. This provides the ultimate in ease of use, especially in applications where precise control and more stopping /starting is required.

AutoClutch allows the operator to bring the tractor to a complete stop without clutching, while at the same time does not overload the engine. It also provides the ability to inch or creep the tractor forward or reverse on a level surface or incline. Being able to inch or creep the tractor is an important tool for more efficient front and rear implement hookups. AutoClutch also provides the ability to accelerate the vehicle back to normal speed when releasing the brake.

Maximum fluid efficiency with Stage IIIB (Interim Tier 4 [iT4]) engines

John Deere uses the most efficient and cost-effective solution for the tractor package to meet emissions requirements at each horsepower level. The 5R delivers best-in-class diesel efficiency requiring no refueling at 75 percent load for an 8-hour work day. This advantage can be prolonged by using AUTO mode, operating in stationary power take-off (PTO) applications and through the oil cooler bypass technology.

The engine powering the 5R is Stage IIIB (iT4) certified.  This is achieved through a combination of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particle filter (DPF).

Power bulge and torque reserve pull through the tough spots

Putting more power to the ground translates to increased productivity in demanding conditions. Simply put, torque is the useable power that can be achieved. More torque leads to more lugging ability which helps the operator be more productive.

5R Stage IIIB (Interim Tier 4 [iT4]) engines feature up to an 8 percent power bulge when put under load. The power bulge feature of the electronically controlled engine delivers additional horsepower as engine rpm drops below rated speed. Additionally, a 36 percent torque rise provides the force that maintains horsepower as engine rpm drops below rated speed.

When the tractor is under load, power bulge and torque rise work together to get through the tough spots and reduce the need to downshift. Horsepower and torque are mathematically related.

Cab suspension provides premium comfort

For operators wanting superior comfort and smoother driving, mechanical cab suspension is available for the 5R Series Tractors. The mechanical cab suspension reduces operator fatigue and improves comfort, especially when operating long hours in uneven fields. The system provides stability to monitors in the cab helping to keep them in your viewing area. While offering a smoother ride, this factory-installed option also reduces noise and vibrations inside the cab from the engine, transmission, chassis, and implements one may be operating.

The cab rests on two rubber isolators at the front and two fully integrated shock absorbers at the rear which dampen the vibrations coming through the frame.

The digital cornerpost display features state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation and blends well with the narrow right-hand cab post. This intuitive design eliminates the instrument cluster once surrounding the steering column while increasing forward facing visibility.