Utility Tractor

  • PowerTech™ E (Tier 2) / PowerTech PVS 6.8 L (FT4)
  • Category 3N/3, 3-point hitch
  • MFWD with optional TLS™ Plus
  • OOS (FT4 only)/CommandView™ Cab

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Pressure-and-flow-compensated (PFC) system, 114 L/min (30.1 gpm)

The 6M Series Tractors offer a closed-center PFC hydraulic system with 114 L/min (30.1 gpm) of flow, allowing 200 bar (2900 psi) of variable working pressure in base on all models.

The hydraulic system is load sensing, which means a valve on the pump immediately initiates pump flow when required. When flow is no longer required, the pump returns to low-pressure, no-flow standby mode – reducing load on engine and improving fuel efficiency.

Pressure for the entire system is established by the function requiring the highest pressure. As load decreases, so does the hydraulic pump pressure and engine power requirements.


Full-frame design provides superior support

The strong steel frame has been a John Deere industry exclusive since 1992, providing profound advantages over competitor solutions. This unique solution achieves higher payloads without increasing tractor weight, thus increasing productivity.

The engine is separated from the full-frame design using rubber bushings. This method reduces the noise and vibration from the engine, ultimately improving tractor uptime and operator comfort. The frame carries the load while the powertrain transmits engine power to the final drive. This reduces stress on mechanical components thus improving uptime and reducing costs of operation.

Higher power density is delivered by separating the load carrying components from the power transmitting components, allowing optimised designs and operator performance.


Mechanical cab suspension delivers operator comfort

The newly introduced mechanical cab suspension (MCS) offers even higher levels of comfort to operators. For operators wanting superior operator comfort and smoother driving, mechanical cab suspension is available for all 6M Series Cab Tractors. The mechanical cab suspension reduces operator fatigue and discomfort, especially for applications requiring long hours inside the cab.
The system also provides stability to monitors in the cab during use. The cab rests on two fully integrated shock absorbers which dampens the vibrations coming through the frame for superior operator comfort, especially at higher transport speed.