• PowerTech™ PVS 6.8 L (FT4)
  • Category 3/3N, 3-point hitch
  • MFWD
  • ComfortView™ Cab




Rear drop axle 6155R (hi-crop)

Exclusive to the 6155R Tractor, the optional rear drop axle provides additional crop clearance under the axle as well as additional drawbar clearance, when compared to a base axle with high clearance tires. This gives additional crop clearance.



The drop axle features a flanged-type axle end that provides up to a maximum drop of 295 mm (11.6 in.) and can accommodate tread settings from 1524 – 2235 mm (60 to 88 in.). The hi-crop option is only compatible with 18.4R38-in. 141A8 R2 rear and 320/90R46-in. 148A8 R2 radial front wheels and tires or 320/90R50-in. 147A8 R1W rear and 320/90R50-in. 147A8 R1W radial front wheels and tires.

Loaders are not compatible with this configuration.

CommandCenter™ display

The Generation 4 CommandCenter creates the primary user interface for 6R, 7R, 8R/8RT, and 9R/9RT Tractors. The Generation 4 CommandCenter provides an excellent, user-savvy operating experience.

Producers can also use a variety of implements with the Generation 4 CommandCenter as it is ISOBUS virtual terminal (VT) capable.

Expect machine productivity gains, along with increased operator confidence, thanks to a simple, customizable interface. The reliability of the Generation 4 CommandCenter also aids in optimal operating experience and maximizes uptime.


  • Easy-to-change fields and guidance lines
  • Custom-defined views
  • On-screen help functions
  • Intelligent warnings
  • Context-based help


Rear-mounted selective control valves (SCVs)

To control a rear implement, up to six SCVs or five SCVs plus Power Beyond can be ordered (6145R-6215R). For (6110R- 6130R) up to five SCVs or four SCVs plus Power Beyond can be ordered. The SCVs can be controlled electrically. Up to four mechanical SCVs are available, in combination with Power Beyond. All mechanical or electrical SCVs feature four positions – neutral, raise, lower, and float.


  • Release levers make disconnecting hydraulic hoses easy
  • Relocated valves improve operator’s visibility to the rear hitch
  • Up to six rear SCVs give operators total flexibility


ComfortView™ operator environment

ComfortView cabs feature a modern, automotive-style instrument panel as base equipment. The instrument pod has two large analog dials for engine and tractor speed, as well as two smaller dials that display fuel level, DEF level, and coolant temperature. The steering column and dash are adjustable to suit the operator’s needs. The column tilts toward the operator and a lever on the left-hand side allows for the column to telescope out to the desired level.

A dimming mode automatically reduces the brightness of the instrument illumination when the tractor lights are used.

Instrumentation control panel

The instrumentation panel has a row of information and warning lights across the bottom to monitor all important tractor functions. A three-stage warning system first gives information, then gives warnings, and finally, gives a stop alarm to prevent damage from occurring in the event of a component malfunction. An integrated power take-off (PTO) over-speed warning is incorporated into the diagnostics to ensure proper operation.

A variety of cab packages are available for the 6155RH

Speak to your local branch to learn more about the features and available configurations, and to determine which is right for you.


PowerTech™ PVS/PSS Stage 4 engine

John Deere 6R Series Tractors feature the reliable and proven PowerTech PVS 6.8L and PSS 4.5L and 6.8L engines. These air-to-air aspirated engines deliver a power bulge above rated power to provide excellent torque in demanding applications.

Key features:

  • Series turbochargers (PSS only)
  • Variable geometry turbocharger (VGT)
  • Air-to-air after cooling
  • High-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel system
  • Engine control unit (ECU)


Lighting options provide maximum visibility in every direction

Lights on the 6R Series Tractors have been positioned and designed to provide maximum visibility to the front, sides, and rear of the tractor to increase productivity in any operating condition. The cab lighting pattern provides 330 degrees of coverage while the hood lighting provides the remaining 30 degrees, for completely programmable, 360-degree, stadium-style lighting.

Optional LED lighting technology provides better depth perception and pattern recognition as well as a natural low temperature light for excellent definition of the field. One LED light will out-live 200 or more incandescent lights, 55 or more halogen lights, and 14 or more HID lights.