Wheel Loader

  • Net Power: 320 kW (429 hp) at 1,400 rpm
  • Bucket Capacity: 7.1–7.5 m3 (9.3–9.8 cu. yd.)
  • Operating Weight: 36 310–36 432 kg (80,050–80,318 lb.)


Payload Weighing System

Factory-installed payload scale enables more efficient loading and tracking of material flow to maximise productivity.

EH Controls

Seat-mounted right-hand hydraulic controls are easier and more intuitive to operate than previous models and feature two programmable multifunction buttons with electrohydraulic (EH) controls.

Heavy-Duty Axles

Larger, higher-capacity heavy-duty axles with standard axle cooling and filtration increase durability in demanding conditions compared to previous models.

Elevate Your Work

With advantages such as fuel-efficient engines, lockup torque converters, and a dedicated steering pump, you do more while burning less fuel.

Redesigned Cab

Redesigned cab has three more inches of legroom and a heated/ventilated seat that is more adjustable compared to earlier models. Joystick controls, foot pedals, and sealed-switch module are all ergonomically placed.

Intuitive standard joystick steering is ideal for V-pattern truck loading and maximises forward visibility while making room for easy cab entry and exit. (Steering wheel is optional.)

Fill Faster

7.5- and 7.1-m3 (9.8 and 9.3 cu. yd.) buckets enable two-pass loading to fill standard over-the-road trucks and get them over the scale quicker.