SelectSpray™ Turf Sprayer

  • Industry-exclusive diaphragm or centrifugal pump
  • Convenient wiring allows for easy sprayer removal
  • Adjustable boom options for variety of conditions
  • Bidirectional breakaway



Industry-exclusive diaphragm or centrifugal pump options

The John Deere SelectSpray™ Series are the only sprayers in the golf industry to offer the choice of centrifugal or diaphragm pump to meet specific applications or operator preference.


Diaphragm pump


If spraying turf paint, using a walking spray boom or just personal preference, the diaphragm pump is the option to choose. Diaphragm pumps provide lower flow rates, but can achieve much higher pressures compared to centrifugal pumps.


The 113.9-L/min (30.1 gpm) diaphragm pump provides plenty of flow for turf applications, but also can generate 290 psi (20 bar) of pressure. The pump is powered by a hydraulic motor and features a three-diaphragm configuration for excellent efficiency and smooth operation. The ability of this type of pump to handle thicker fluids, and its ability to run dry with no seals to fail, makes it a popular choice for tough spray solutions, such as turf paint.


Centrifugal pump


If looking for simplicity without sacrificing performance, the centrifugal pump line may be the right choice. Centrifugal pumps are reverse from diaphragm pumps in that they are higher-flow, lower-pressure pumps.


Flow rates can approach 397 L/min (105 gpm), while maximum pressure can reach approximately 95 psi (6.6 bar). Centrifugal pumps for the SelectSpray Series are offered in two models: cast iron or stainless steel. Cast-iron pumps are the choice for general all-purpose spraying, whereas the stainless-steel upgrade is the choice for more corrosive chemicals, such as chelated iron.


NOTE: Centrifugal pumps are not recommended for turf paint spray applications.


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Choice of Gen2 TeeJet® automatic or manual application rate-control systems

The golf environment can be harsh, especially during spraying activities. The Gen2 TeeJet® controllers are designed to improve water resistance and offer better resistance to weather exposure. There are still two types of controllers to choose from, the automatic and manual models.

The Gen2 controllers have improved water resistance characteristics and better resistance to inclement weather exposure, and are designed to plug and play into existing wiring harness just as the previous controllers did.

No matter which SelectSpray™ Series is chosen – the HD200 or its big brother, the HD300 – the choice of manual or automatic rate control is given.


Common wiring harness


What if the manual rate controller is purchased and later the operator decides they want the automatic rate controller? No problem. Due to a common wiring harness, one can easily switch from a manual controller to an automatic rate controller or vice versa by purchasing the kit for the one that is desired.


There is no wiring harness to change out; just add the components that go with the automatic or manual rate controller the operator wishes to install.

Get more out of the ProGator™ vehicle with optional storage stands

Who says sprayers are just for spraying? With the SelectSpray™ Series, the days of dedicated sprayers are a thing of the past.


Optional storage stands allow removal and installation of the sprayer in a matter of minutes. Spray in the morning, quickly change over to a cargo box for hauling some cargo, and then spray in the afternoon. It’s really that simple, and no tools are needed to make the change.


For added convenience, the storage stands have caster wheels for easy removal of the sprayer. The operator can easily position the sprayer and experience the value of the caster wheels when re-installing the sprayer onto the ProGator vehicle.


No need to get the ProGator perfectly positioned under the sprayer; instead, use the caster wheels to get proper alignment. The sprayer can be removed from the ProGator in a matter of minutes.


It’s about versatility, getting more for the money, and the design of the SelectSpray Series that helps make the ProGator one of the most versatile heavy-duty utility vehicles in the marketplace today.

Convenient wiring harness allows for easy sprayer removal and component access

No matter which rate control system, manual or automatic, is selected, the wiring harnesses on the SelectSpray™ Series are identical. This allows for quick and easy changes when moving from an automatic rate controller to a manual rate controller or vice versa.


More importantly, the innovative electrical system design locates key components in one location on the machine. All fuses, relays, and lift/lower contactors are located in one convenient component box on the left-hand side of the machine. No tools are required to open the control box, leading to quick troubleshooting and component replacement.


When the sprayer is removed, the wiring harness remains with the sprayer—making changes between a sprayer and cargo box, or other attachments, a breeze. Only three connectors must be disconnected to remove the sprayer from the ProGator™ vehicle, greatly reducing removal and installation time.

Impact-resistant polyethylene spray tank features low center of gravity and excellent visibility

Both sprayers in the SelectSpray™ Series line are equipped with impact-resistant polyethylene spray tanks. The tanks are styled for excellent visibility to the outer boom sections and a low centre of gravity.


The tanks have a decal on the driver’s side for reading the spray solution level, which is marked in graduated units. Product is loaded into the tank on the left-hand side of the machine.


A convenient basket strainer prevents large debris from entering the tank and can be easily removed without tools for cleaning.


The tank is equipped with a quick-fill feature, allowing the tank to be filled quickly anywhere it can be attached to a clean water source. This saves a lot of time by eliminating the task of travelling back to the original filling point every time the tank needs to be filled.

Standard personal wash system on board

For added convenience, the SelectSpray™ Series features a standard personal wash tank. The tank should be filled with clean water only.