Jason Jones

GM Aftermarket


Jason was born in Toowoomba and joined Vanderfield as a trainee accountant in January 1990, while he completed his Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree. His practical knowledge and experience grew as the company expanded, and Jason simultaneously continued his formal educationgaining membership as a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and obtaining an MBA from Deakin University.  

Jason is naturally focused on customer service, so he gravitated into an operational role and in 2009 was appointed Branch Manager at Toowoomba. His experience in executive roles started when he accepted the Chief Financial Officer position in 2013, which was followed by 12 months as Chief Commercial Officer. 

Jason is well known for adapting to changes in the industry, embracing technology and finding ways to offer customers the best experience possible. While self-motivated to improve his own capabilities, he enjoys nothing more than assisting a team member reach their potential.  

In 2017, Jason took on the Regional Manager (Western locations) role at Vanderfield, which provided him the opportunity to support all internal departments in his region and mentor the senior Branch staff. As GM Aftermarket now, Jason is bringing the Group’s Parts and Service support together across all product lines and all locations.