Self-Propelled Sprayer

  • PowerTech™ 9.0 L Engine
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • CommandView™ III Cab


CommandDrive™ powertrain delivers improved efficiency with Auto Mode

Spray more acres per day at a lower cost of operation with the CommandDrive powertrain. You will see an improved system response to maintain consistent application and transport speeds in challenging conditions, while reducing overall fuel consumption and cab noise.

The CommandDrive powertrain comes in base on all R4060, R4045, R4038, and R4030 Sprayers.

Steel and carbon-fiber booms feature swing-link suspension for optimum stability

All John Deere booms are more stable due to the swing link suspension, which helps translate rough areas in the field into horizontal (side-to-side) movement of the boom rather than lateral (up and down) movement. This additional stability means increased productivity as the boom now has the ability to more accurately maintain spray height above the crop, delivering a precise spray pattern. The swing link suspension also translates into uptime as the additional stability means less crop damage, resulting in less mechanical boom damage.

The enhanced design allows the boom to unfold and fold faster, getting the operators into the field quicker, and the flat fold design delivers superior transport visibility.

Automate tasks from filling station with Solution Command System

4 Series Sprayers are available with the SCS and have been completely redesigned to allow quick and easy operation at the load station for all operator skill levels. The optional system allows complete automation at the load station with a 12-button keypad.

The system also features a micro-display, providing real-time feedback on the system operations, as well as ability to select a rinse method and the ability to monitor progress during the automated rinse function. Overall, the enhanced Solution Command System increases operational performance by increasing ease of use through automation at the load station.

Load Command™ system offers unmatched loading speed

Load at speeds as fast as 1500 L/min (400 gpm) with the fully integrated Load Command system available for John Deere’s largest sprayer models. This highly efficient loading time allows for more spraying time or more acres per day while complementing the machine’s three-season asset-utilisation value.

Direct injection system expands carrying capacity for raw chemicals

As solution tank mixes become more complex, operators need a better way to manage the products they are mixing in helping to reduce the risk of chemical residue. The integrated direct-injection system provides an additional carrying capacity for raw chemicals and allows injection of single, dual, or triple products directly into the boom depending on installed configuration.

Direct injection helps provide quicker changeovers and faster cleanouts while also helping to minimise the risk of using multiple chemicals. This is accomplished by allowing operators the ability to isolate higher-residual-risk chemicals in the injection system while mixing lower-risk chemicals in the solution tank.

ExactApply™ nozzle control delivers precise application with up to 20 acres per hour of added productivity

John Deere’s intelligent nozzle control system ExactApply helps producers better manage drift and deliver a precise application. By maintaining target rate and pressure over a wider speed range, ExactApply can improve productivity up to 20 acres per hour*.

ExactApply is offered as a factory-installed option as well as a performance upgrade kit that can be added to existing 4 Series Sprayer models.

Increase versatility with a DN456 Dry Spinner Spreader

Keep your machines working for you by converting them to dry nutrient applicators with the addition of a New Leader® DN456 Dry Spinner Spreader. This conversion can be completed in as little as 4 hours and involves the removal of the wet solution skid and the installation of the dry spinner spreader.