Residential ZTrak™ Mowers

  • Edge™ Cutting System deck
  • V-twin, air-cooled cyclonic engine
  • Speeds up to 15 km/h
  • 4 year/500 hour limited warranty


Engine is smooth and powerful V-twin design with features for reliability and long life

A 24-hp (17.9-kW) model FS730V engine provides plenty of power and torque. The V-twin air-cooled design is efficient, with smooth, quiet power and easy starts thanks to the electronic ignition.

Many quality features are included – overhead valves for excellent power and fuel economy, and cast-iron sleeves for longer engine life. A replaceable oil filter with pressure lubrication keeps the oil cleaner for long engine life and extended time between oil changes;  and when it’s time for a change, there’s easy access to the no-tools oil drain valve for oil changes.

The dual-stage air cleaner thoroughly cleans engine intake air, and a flywheel alternator provides plenty of capacity to quickly recharge the battery and power electrical equipment, such as lights or a sprayer. A rotating screen filters out debris and reduces the size of material that gets through so it will pass harmlessly past the engine fins.

The Edge™ Cutting System high-capacity (HC) 48-in. (122-cm) Mower Deck handles larger volumes of grass

The 48-in. (122-cm) HC Mower Deck has a deep-deck design to handle higher volumes of grass. It is stamped from heavy-gauge steel and has additional durability features to stand up to challenging mowing conditions. This deck is stamped from heavy, 9-gauge, 0.15-in. (3.8-mm) steel to minimise the number of welds and provide a smooth underside for reduced material buildup.

The deep-deck design of 5.5 in. (14 cm) delivers excellent airflow, so material can be processed quickly and efficiently.

An optional mulching attachment is available for this unit, with formed steel baffles to control the material and special mulching blades for superior performance. The special mulching blades that are included can also be used for side discharging or with a material collection system, though the overall cut quality may be slightly less than with the standard mower blades.

This mower has a range of compatible decks that can be fitted to suit your individual needs.


The Edge™ Cutting System high-capacity (HC) 54-in. (137-cm) Mower Deck

The 54-in. (137-cm) HC Deck is stamped from heavy, 9-gauge, 0.150-in. (3.8-mm) steel to minimize the number of welds and provide a smooth underside for reduced material buildup – allowing excellent airflow, and quick and effective processing of material.

1-in. (25.4-mm) cold-forged spindles are heat-treated for strength and are supported by ball bearings, and the standard front roller and two double-captured anti-scalp wheels give a more even mowing job and reduce the chance of scalping. Every detail is considered for a cleaner cut – blade overlap is 1.6 in. (40 mm), nearly 0.8 in. (20 mm) greater than many conventional decks.

The mower can side-discharge or mulch – an optional MulchControl™ attachment is available.
This mower has a range of compatible decks that can be fitted to suit your individual needs.

The Edge™ Cutting System High-Capacity (HC) 60-in. (152-cm) Mower Deck

The 60-in. (152-cm) mower is a deep-deck design. The mower can side-discharge or mulch, and the durable plastic deflector spreads grass clippings evenly across the lawn, is hinged, and can be raised to minimise the storage space required.

An optional mulching attachment designed for high performance is available: it includes a mulch plug and special mulching blades. These blades can also be used for side discharging, though the overall cut quality may decline slightly.

This mower has a range of compatible decks that can be fitted to suit your individual needs.

Operator station is designed for comfort and convenience

There’s excellent visibility forward and to the trim side of the deck making operation easy and comfortable for the operator, controls are colour coded for easy identification, and the low-fuel warning light is easily visible in daylight.

Twin-lever controls adjust for convenience and operator comfort. The commercial-style steel footrest flips up to provide easy access for servicing the mower deck, and makes it easier to clean the top of the mower.
There’s a comfortable seat with armrests that can be flipped up and out of the way, with steel coil suspension springs under the seat to absorb shocks and smooth your ride.

Serviceability is designed-in for convenience

Accel Deep™ Mower Decks have several features that make them easy to service. The flat-top design minimises places for debris to collect – and spring-loaded, flip-up belt guards make removing debris easy.

Provision is provided for a standard, 3/8-in. (9.5-mm) ratchet wrench to be used for releasing belt tension when removing the drive belt.

Tie-down locations are also provided for convenience and safety when trailering the machine.

Controls are convenient and easy to use

Motion-control levers

The motion-control levers can be adjusted to two height settings and nine fore-aft settings for a total of 18 different positions. This provides increased operator comfort and more precise control of the machine.

On-board tracking adjustment from the operator seat is quick and easy – the cut-height pin includes a 13-mm wrench and doubles as a convenient tool for adjusting tracking and the motion-control lever position.

Mower deck lift/cut-height adjustment

The Mower deck cutting height adjusts from 1 in. (2.5 cm) to 4 in. (10.2 cm) in 0.25-in. (0.64-cm) increments for excellent cut quality and performance, and has built-in memory so the operator can easily return to the desired cutting height after raising the deck.

Design includes a heavy-duty formed and welded steel frame

ZTrak Mowers are designed around a heavy-duty formed and welded steel frame for strength and reliability.

Large front caster wheels and large rear drive wheels provide several operator benefits: a smoother ride, better slope performance, more operator comfort over uneven ground and better traction

The operator platform is roomy and uncluttered for maximum comfort, and the controls are convenient to use. It’s easy to get on and off the mower, there’s ample legroom for comfortable operation, and colour-coded and logically placed controls.

Reliable electric PTO clutch, durable dual transmissions & axles

A heavy-duty electric power take-off (PTO) clutch is controlled by a convenient, dash-mounted control. The PTO clutch is designed to operate through many on/off cycles.

Dual transmissions efficiently power the ZTrak™ mower forward and reverse and give steering capability. Transmissions are set low in the vehicle for excellent hillside stability, and are reliable and durable.

They feature beefed-up 1-in. (2.5-cm) axles for greater strength, and maintenance-free unitised transmissions are sealed and have no hose connections to leak hydraulic fluid. Tow-valve controls are provided for each transmission and located above the vehicle frame on either side of the engine.