Wide-Area Mower

  • Powerful 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine
  • Mechanical rear-wheel drive
  • Maximum speed of 23 km/h
  • Foldable mowing wings

Mowing at the Max

With sweeping deck coverage, an innovative baffling system that virtually eliminates clumping and wings that follow ground contour, this machine manages to deliver a quality cut acre after acre.

Even more impressively though, is the 1600 Series II Turbo’s ability to keep mowing continuously hour after hour, day after day. A high-torque (16.2 kgf m) 57-hp engine and an innovative top-draw cooling system ensure this amazing technical advance can more than go the distance. The 1600 Series II Turbo.



Powerful turbocharged diesel engine for superior performance

The 1600 Turbo Series III WAM is powered by a liquid-cooled, turbocharged, four-cylinder, 60-hp (44.7-kW) at 3000 rpm, PS diesel engine. It gives 117.3 lb-ft (159 Nm) of torque at 3000 rpm for extra lugging power on hills and in tough mowing conditions.

The engine is a 16-valve (four valves per cylinder, two intake and two exhaust) design, with a cold-start device to increase engine timing for improved cold starting and full-pressure lubrication for positive lubrication with continuous operation on slopes.

The direct fuel injection gives more efficient combustion, less emissions, and more power per gallon of fuel.

Exclusive air-intake system draws clean air from the top of the machine for consistent cooling

An innovative, exclusive air-intake system draws clean air from the top of the machine instead of the rear. This keeps the radiator cleaner and prevents the engine from overheating.

The high-capacity cooling system combines the radiator and hydraulic oil cooler.

Mower decks have many performance and convenience features

The 1600 Turbo Series III WAM is equipped with a 62-in. (157.5-cm) centre deck and two 42-in. (106.7-cm) wings. Cutting widths are 128 in. (325.1 cm) using all three decks, 94 in. (238.8 cm) using the centre deck and either wing deck, and 62 in. (157.5 cm) with the centre deck only. All decks are rear discharge.

Wings fold for transport and reduce the machine’s width to a narrow 84 in. (213 cm), so it can easily be driven along golf-cart-size paths or fit on a trailer. The wing decks will float 45 degrees above horizontal and 20 degrees below horizontal, following the ground contour.

All decks have a unique baffling system that reduces clumping and provides even clipping dispersal for exceptional appearance.


Standard high-back, air-ride seat provided for operator comfort

An air-ride suspension seat is standard equipment and provides maximum operator comfort across a wide range of operator traits.

The comfortable seat, along with ample legroom in the operator’s platform, convenient pedal locations, and adjustable steering column make operator comfort on the John Deere 1600 Turbo Wide-Area Mower among the best in the industry.

The standard air-ride seat with adjustable armrests is designed with comfort, safety, and ergonomics in mind, ensuring relaxed, healthy sitting for hours on end.

The armrests are standard and the seat pads are replaceable.

Controls and instrumentation are convenient and easy to find

Low-effort controls are conveniently grouped on the right-hand side. Hydrostatic power steering makes it easy to turn the machine, reducing operator fatigue, and allows quick steering action – two and a half turns lock-to-lock, for excellent manoeuvrability.

The convenient two-pedal hydrostatic control system allows the operator to select speed and direction with just a touch of the toe while resting heel on platform, with a large pedal surface for increased operator comfort.

The individual brakes can be applied by the operator as a traction aid or to reduce the turning radius.


Maximum productivity with hydrostatic transmission and transaxle

A hydrostatic transmission is used for reliable operation. Designed for durability, it features a forged, one-piece trunnion shaft with large support bearings to reduce vibration and noise. An oil cooler is fitted to cool transmission oil for longer transmission life.

The differential lock is standard equipment: it locks both the front drive wheels together for extra traction, when needed, and is engaged by a conveniently located foot pedal.

Features are provided for convenient transport

The wing decks rise to a narrow 84-in. (213.4-cm) width and can be locked into transport position. A machine transport speed of 15 mph (24.1 km/h) means the operator can spend less time transporting and more time mowing.


Serviceability is designed-in to reduce maintenance cost and increase uptime

The hood and seat platform open for excellent access to the engine and drivetrain. All daily service points are located on the left side of the machine.

The wing decks raise 90 degrees, and the front deck raises 70 degrees for excellent access.

No tools are required to access the mower deck belts.

The diagnostic control module features light-emitting diode (LED) lights and a heartbeat to aid in diagnostics and lead the technician to the proper circuit. Each switch on the machine has its own LED light on the controller, so input and output functions can be diagnosed by observing the appropriate lights.

Excellent performance from high-traction tires and low-maintenance caster tires

Large, 18×9.5-8 steering (rear) and 26×12-12 (front) drive tires provide excellent traction and flotation. Both tires have a six-ply rating.

Semi-pneumatic mower deck caster tires are standard equipment, but offer a range of benefits:

  • Looks and performs like a rubber air-filled tire
  • No flats means reduced downtime
  • Reduces maintenance time and expense
  • No need to worry about inflating caster tires ever again
  • Reduced incidents of caster tires rolling off of the rim