Founded in the 1980s, the Grizzly brand has established itself as one of the Australian icons of ingenuity with the introduction of the Grizzly plough. This innovative Grizzly plough provided complete ploughing out, less working draught, eliminated the side draught, all while providing a longer disc life at the same time.

Over the years, Grizzly has earned a reputation of uncompromising strength, performance and reliability in the agricultural industry. Grizzly is now Australia’s largest manufacturer and exporter of disc ploughs.

Explore the full range of Grizzly agricultural equipment available from RDO Equipment, your local Grizzly dealer.

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Wheel Track Renovator

The most efficient and effective way of filling your wheel tracks left from tractor’s, sprayers, harvesters and irrigators.

The Grizzly Wheel Track Renovator is seriously impressive with what it can do. Optimal operating speeds of 12 to 15km/h allows you to cover a lot of tracks fast. Easily fill tracks up to 350mm deep in one pass. The secret is in the patented opposing disc gang design with the following rear roller.

Explore the Wheel Track Renovator

Jack Deep Ripper

Available from 3 tines through to 11 tines with various tine spacing options to suit your requirements. There are many options you can choose with our fully bolted together framework.

Tine spacings and wheel spacings are completely adjustable before order and can even be moved on the machine at a later date giving you a lot more versatility into the future.

Little Jack – 100mm x 100mm x 9mm SHS frame with various options gives this machine a very competitive price tag with performance that is industry leading.


Explore the Deep Ripper

Folding Offset Plough

If you’re looking for a medium duty disc plough then Grumpy is for you. Utilising Grizzly’s tried and proven technology, the Grumpy provides exceptional performance and long lasting value.

In sizes from 3.3mtrs – 4.65mtrs Grumpy is suited to a variety of applications, from seed bed preparation, pasture renovation and general tillage work.

Explore the Small Folding Offset Plough

Field Boss Broad Acre Plough

Field Boss is the most popular model in the Grizzly range.

It’s not too heavy and it’s not too light. It’s just in the middle and can do just about any job for you from light workings to heavy workings.

It’s simple, it’s strong and it’s no fuss ploughing. Available from 24 to 48 plate machines in working widths from 2.85m to 5.55m

Explore the Field Boss Broad Acre Plough

Field Boss Narrow Plough

The Field Boss Narrow gives you a heavy duty disc in a package that gets you down the road with a 3 meter transport width. It’s easy to use, its easy to fold and it performs exceptionally in varied conditions.

Field Boss Narrow as its name suggests is an easy to fold variation on the Field Boss Fixed Frame which is designed to be left in its working position unless for a rare occasion in which it needs to be narrowed down for transport.

Explore the Field Boss Narrow Plough

Tiny Disc Cultivators

Wider spacings on the Tiny allows for more weight per disc giving the operator more weight per disc and great clearance per disc.

The advantage of this is that great depth is achieved. This spacing was originally developed for applications where breaking through hard pans and mixing lime or clay was of prime importance.

This machine has since found its place in working in new country and suckers. The only thing you need to be mindful of is due to the wider spacings the finish is a little rougher than the Tiny 290. 3.5mtr transport width in sizes from 24 plate through to 44 plate in working widths from 4.81m through to 8.5m

Explore the Tiny 390 Disc Cultivator

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