The John Deere range of mid-size utility tractors include the 5E and 5M series from 50 to 130hp, and 6E, 6M, and 6R series with a horsepower range from 105 to 250.

Massive versatility and value for agricultural, civil, and hobby farm applications

With a wide range of options across power and engine capacity, drive, transmission, hydraulics, frame size, and operator station configuration, models available within the John Deere mid-size utility tractor category will deliver application appropriate function and efficiency for any operation. Equally at home in a hobby farm paddock, on the roadside, in the dairy shed, or open field, John Deere 5 series and 6 series tractors are built for power and productivity across the board.

John Deere 5 Series Utility Tractors

With horsepower from 50 to 130, the 5 Series Tractors have a wide range of performance, feature and budget options to suit agriculture, maintenance, sports turf and more. 5E series utility tractors Handle heavier-duty chores around the farm, property or...

Meet our John Deere 5 Series Utility Tractors

John Deere 6 Series Utility Tractors

With horsepower ranging from 105 to 250, the 6 Series Tractors are built to get the tougher jobs done. 6E Utility Tractors 3 models, 105-135HP. Built for utility chores on the farm, ranch or worksite where simplicity, power and durability...

Meet our John Deere 6 Series Utility Tractors