Utility Tractor

  • 55 kW (73.8 hp) PowerTech™ E 2.9L engine
  • Choice of 16F/16R or 32F/16R transmission options with PowrReverser™
  • Choice of 2-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive
  • 540 Standard and 540 Economy Power Take Off (PTO)
  • Cab or open operator station

A versatile utility tractor for large acreage and small ag applications

Part of the John Deere 5M Series, the 5075M (Euro Spec) utility tractor offers three PowrReverser™ transmission options, up to 32 forward speeds and 16 reverse speeds for the ultimate in speed selection. Also featuring range synchronisation to allow the operator to shift ranges without having to stop. Experienced and first-time operators will appreciate the huge range of options available in the 5M Series cab, including a narrow cab configuration option.


5075M Features

32F/16R PowrReverser™ transmission

The 5M Series Utility Tractor offers a choice of three different transmission options to ensure operators have the correct transmission for the task at hand.

  1. 16F/16R PowrReverser™ transmission 30 km/h (18.6 mph)
  2. 16F/16R PowrReverser transmission 40 km/h (24.9 mph)
  3. 32F/16R PowrReverser Plus transmission 40 km/h (24.9 mph)

The 32F/16R PowrReverser transmission provides 32 forward speeds and 16 reverse speeds for the ultimate in speed selection from up 0.3- to 40 km/h (0.19- to 25 mph). Furthermore, the 32F/16R transmission on the 5M Series provides solutions like push-button controls and the easy-to reach electrohydraulic high/low selector.

Range synchronisation improves operator efficiency

The 5M 16F/16R PowrReverser™ transmission and 32F/16R transmission have range synchronisation. This allows for the operator to up shift from B to C to D range without having to stop. In addition, the operator can downshift from D to C range without having to stop.

John Deere 5M Series cab provides increased operator comfort and productivity

All 5M models are available with the well-known and proven cab from the previous 5M Tractors.

This cab has been evaluated as one of the most comfortable cabs in this tractor class by various independent agricultural magazines. The 5M Series’ cab is an outstanding feature offering a huge variety of options such as:

  • Bright colours and high-quality interior material for a comfortable and friendly working environment
  • Perfect visibility thanks to curved rear windows, rear implement window, and optional available sunroof
  • Ergonomic cab layout and design
  • Different exhaust options starting with a horizontal exhaust to the vertical exhaust up to the cornerpost deluxe exhaust
  • Excellent visibility to all sides and to the top when equipped with sunroof
  • Big variety of options including different seats, lights, mirrors, and different storage solutions

Enhanced model offerings with narrow cab option

The design of the 5M Narrow Cab Tractors are identical to the standard 5M Series Tractors. Due to the narrow configuration, however, there are some slight changes to meet dimension requirements.

Compared to the standard configuration, handrails, footsteps, and fenders have been modified to meet the required dimensions.

5M Narrow key dimensions:

Overall tractor width rear (320/85 R36) 1721 mm (5.6 ft)
Overall tractor width front at the ground (280/25 R24) 1678 mm (5.5 ft)
Overall width from front hub to front hub 1824 mm (6 ft)
Flange width front axle 1640 mm (5.4 ft)


Higher horsepower engines

No matter what a utility tractor has to offer, there is no substitute for raw power. The 5M Series Utility Tractor from John Deere provides just that. Power ranges offered from 85 engine hp 5085M model, all the way up to 115 engine hp in the 5115M model.

The heavy-duty cylinder block provides greater strength and rigidity, which results in an extended lifecycle, and cylinder liners dissipate heat to prevent cylinder distortion and rapid ring wear, allowing operators to see consistent performance.

The high-ring piston design reduces the non-usable air in the combustion area of the cylinders for improved fuel efficiency and combustion so operators receive the most power from every engine stroke. Ni-resist inserts reduce ring groove wear, which would lead to less effective combustion, so operators have an engine that is proactive for performance.


Easy-to-use controls

Whether an operator is a lifetime tractor driver or a first-time user, the 5M Series is a utility tractor that is extremely straightforward and easy to use.

The 5M iT4 Series has grouped critical controls on the right-hand console in a logical, easy-to-find manner, making tractor operation more efficient for all.

On the 5M Series right-hand console, the engine throttle control, selective control valve (SCV) levers, power take-off (PTO) engagement, and hitch-lift control levers are grouped together, making it easy for operators to locate needed controls.

Tractor ready for front loader, available directly from the factory

The tractor-ready feature is an option orderable from the factory for the 5M Tractor. This option allows dealers to receive the tractor equipped with the loader components directly from the tractor factory.

The tractors are delivered with the mounting frames, the independent mid-mount valve with hoses and hydraulic fittings, the mechanical joystick, and the multi-coupler mounted and tested.

In addition to the operational parts, one hood guard is provided. This means in less than 15 minutes, the tractor can directly receive the front loader.