VNET Precision Farming diagram - RDO Equipment

Precision Ag technology seamlessly and easily connects machines, people, technology and insights, giving you the ability to see what’s happening in your fields and across your farm – no matter where you are, or what your operation is.

By collecting valuable information and being empowered to share it with your team, as well as with trusted advisors, you’ll be well equipped to make better decisions and optimise your operation across all stages.

If you’re just getting started on your journey with precision ag, or if you’re looking to do more than things like automated guidance, our Precision Farming team are here to help with advice and support – wherever and whenever you need it.

Whether it’s equipment optimisation, data collection, data analysis or the implementation of practices such as land forming or variable rate, we have the know-how and the focus to get precision ag working for you.

With decades of experience and knowledge, our dynamic and agile team specialise in customised solutions to suit your needs and help you get the most value from your investments – whatever you’re farming, and whichever colour your fleet is.

Whether you’re in grains, cane, cotton or horticulture – precision ag technologies and our VNET Precision Farming team are ready to go to work for you all year round.

Contact the VNET Precision Farming team at

1300 698 822 or email VNET Precision Farming

Here’s how precision ag technology and VNET Precision Farming can help you during your crop cycle:

RDO Precision Farming - Prepare - RDO Equipment

Prepare: get off to a great start, with technology & equipment setup ready for the season ahead.

  • Optimise your drainage and soil conservation, with field water flow analysis and earthworks designs.
  • Understand the ground you’re working, with soil EM mapping for site specific soil nutrition sampling.
  • Configure equipment satellite guidance to reduce overlap and achieve automated headland turns – saving you time, fuel and inputs.
  • Record every machine pass in your fields from Tillage, Planting, Application and Harvest to capture machine telemetry and production data.

RDO Precision Farming - Plant - RDO Equipment

Planting: let Precision Ag technology work alongside you to improve your seed placement, spacing and emergence.

  • Get custom planting equipment technology to suit your individual needs – from row crop, to small seed vegetable planters to distance/pattern-based tree planters for orchard use.
  • Setup of planter technology for recording crop varieties and seed populations – preparation of planting data reports such as for Bollgard audits.
  • Our consultants can help optimise precision planter meters for ideal seed singulation, depth and down pressure.

RDO Precision Farming - Nurture - RDO Equipment

Nurturing: helping you deliver inputs with precision, for the best possible crop.

  • Document all fertiliser and pesticide crop input applications for quality record keeping.
  • Capture and provide airborne and satellite imagery for assessing crop health and biomass.
  • Send prescriptions to your machine wirelessly or via USB.
  • Precision guidance and application technology lets you spray faster, whilst minimising risk of crop damage.
  • Get real-time weather data right in your cab, for peace of mind with your applications.

RDO Precision Farming - Harvest - RDO Equipment

Harvesting: make the most of your year’s hard work.

  • Manage multiple machines in the one field, to share coverage maps and guidance lines between your fleet, plus remotely maintain optimal machine performance settings.
  • Documentation of every harvest pass for information on yield, moisture and more for your productivity reports.
  • Seamless sharing of harvest data with your approved supply chain partners via MyJohnDeere Operations Centre
  • Yield documentation setup, optimisation, and data routing services are available from our consultants.

RDO Precision Farming - Review - RDO Equipment

Reviewing: use quality collected data to make informed decisions for the next year.

  • Our team can lend a hand reviewing your harvest and other field data, and make recommendations on increasing profitability of your next crop.
  • Preparation of data such as post calibration or merging of multiple machine maps, to enable accurate post season analysis
  • Compare yield data variability to other factors, such as topography and soils or crop management practices, to understand what’s influencing your results.

Our experienced, expert precision ag specialists can help you with:

  • Equipment Optimisation & Data Collection

    • Guidance & Boundary Mapping – We can assist with boundary creation from existing layers, shape file imports or driving boundaries.
    • Wireless Data Transfer – Enable your machines to wirelessly send performance and agronomic data to your office or to mobile devices.
    • Supporting Data Layers – With ready access to drones and satellite imagery, we can collect and import data layers to help you assess crop health, plant count and weed density.


  • Data Management & Analysis

    • Cleaning Grain & Cotton Yield Data – We can help with post calibration, moisture correction in cotton, or cleaning up harvester trails where recording has been left on.
    • Topography & Water Flow – From collected elevation data, we can analyse topography and model water flow across paddocks to help you identify any levelling and drainage issues.
    • Apps for In-Field Analysis – We can get you set up with several apps that enable your collected paddock data to be viewed from a variety of mobile devices while on the go.


  • Precision Technology Implementation

    • Product Rate & Section Control – Increase the capability of air seeders, sprayers and spreaders through on-the-go fully automatic rate changes and section control.
    • Implement Steering – We install active implement guidance systems, helping achieve inter-row sowing or more consistent rows and planter tracking.
    • Customised Variable Rate Maps – Our consultants can help develop zoning and targeted nutrient application maps to maximise value of seed, fertiliser and chemical inputs.