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A partner to those who build and feed the world
All One Team
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RDO Heritage
50 years of providing the best

Global Mind, Local Spirit

From May 1, 2019, RDO Equipment, the largest John Deere dealer in the world, will proudly call Australia home for dealing Construction and Forestry equipment, within Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory. RDO will also use its heritage of expertise to support the 1,600 machines already sold in these areas of Australia since 2010.

RDO first started working with Australia in 2012 when RDO Equipment acquired a 50% interest in Vanderfield, a 14-store John Deere agricultural equipment dealership based in Toowoomba. In 2015, our Australian footprint expanded with an investment in Vermeer Australia, which along with our Vermeer sales in the United States and Russia makes RDO Equipment the world’s largest Vermeer dealer. As a global organization, RDO Equipment manages more than 100 locations worldwide.

What We Do

Today, RDO Equipment sells and supports heavy and compact equipment, strengthened by our partnership with John Deere, for those who build, feed, and support our communities.

50 Years Of Providing The Best

The year is 1968. 26-year-old potato farmer, Ron Offutt, is farming alongside his father in Moorhead, Minnesota, operating John Deere equipment rented from the local dealership nearby. Later that same year, Ron purchases that local dealership and grows it into a company with more than 75 stores in nine states, selling and supporting agriculture, construction, environmental, irrigation, positioning, and surveying equipment from leading manufacturers including John Deere, Vermeer, and Topcon.

50 years later, RDO Equipment Co. is flourishing with partnerships in Africa, Australia, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine, making it the largest and most trusted John Deere partner to customers around the globe.

We support those who build and feed the world. Find out more about who we are and our commitment to those who get the job done by joining us on social media through the links on this page.