65HP Utility Tractor for Small Farms and Civil

  • 48.5 kW (65 hp) PowerTech™ M 2.9 L engine
  • 12F/12R transmission with left-hand PowrReverser™
  • 4-wheel-drive
  • 540 Standard and 540 Economy Power Take Off (PTO)
  • Cab or open operator station

A compact utility tractor with ample capability powered by a turbocharged 2.9L, 3-cylinder engine

Enjoy all-round versatility in a compact and agile machine: 5E Series tractors provide John Deere dependability and performance to a wide range of applications, like arable farming, small-scale livestock, daily duties in dairy production as well as front loader works or tasks at specialised farms.


5065E Features

Field-proven engine technology

The economical three-cylinder engine uses field-proven mechanical injection technology, coupled with a high-strength block design. The engines have a fuel-saving variable eco fan and free-breathing, cross-flow cylinder heads with wet cylinder liners.

All 5E Series Tractor engines have a fast-response turbocharger to increase engine power and torque.

The 3-Cylinder 5E Tractor engines have a high-exhaust gas velocity in their short-exhaust manifold system and achieve the best performance with a single-channel turbocharger. The carefully matched turbocharger and engine settings allow economical performance and environmentally friendly engines.

Independent open-centre hydraulic

The open-centre hydraulic circuit on the 5E Series features independent hydraulic performance for steering and the high-pressure rockshaft and selective control valves (SCVs). An engine-driven tandem gear pump supplies power to this system.

Precise steering without removing the oil flow from the SCVs and rockshaft is ideal for manoeuvring and operating an implement at the same time as turning at the headland. A dedicated rear pump with 46-L/min (12.2-gal./min) flow ensures maximum flow to the SCVs and rockshaft for demanding implements.

The filler neck for the transmission and hydraulic oil is located at the rear of the tractor for easy, unobstructed access during servicing. The filler cap has an integrated dipstick to accurately measure the oil level in the transmission.

Spacious platform with logical ergonomics

The work space on 5E Series Tractors is very spacious and easy to enter and exit from both sides. All controls are easily accessible and positioned intuitively so that even inexperienced drivers can quickly find their way around the tractor. Controls are colour coded: power take-off (PTO) levers in yellow, driving levers in orange, and hydraulic levers in black.

The standard beacon light and rear work light ensures that 5E operators can be seen when driving on roads and at night.

For working where there is limited height clearance—for example, in vineyards, nurseries, orchards, olives, or other tree cultivations—5E Tractors are equipped with foldable roll-over protection structures. This also means that low-level barns and cowsheds can also be entered with ease. A telescopic mirror is also placed within easy reach of the seat.

Cabs increase comfort and performance

The operator of a 5E Series will appreciate the reduction in noise and vibration through the seat, steering wheel, and lever controls with a rollover protection structure (ROPS) certified, factory-installed cab. The cabs are assembled to the tractor chassis as a complete unit and mounted on composite isolators.

The complete cab assembly includes the floor and steering column. Having this type of fully isolated cab greatly reduces noise levels inside the cab. It also creates a more sealed environment, so the amount of airborne particles entering the cab, such as dust and pollen, are greatly reduced.

The cab is very spacious, allowing ample space for controls and storage. The flat floor adds to the spacious, open feel.

The ceiling control panel is located on the upper-right side and the air-conditioning components are located on the upper-rear corners of the cab, where visibility is not as critical. This provides the operator with visibility to the loader at a height unmatched by any competitor.

Top-shaft synchronised transmission

The 5E Series Tractor lineup offers the reliable nine-forward/three-reverse (9F/3R) top-shaft synchronised transmission. The concept of the proven 5E Series transmission provides:

  • A wide choice of transmission speeds
  • Easy and comfortable shifting
  • A reliable, field-proven design made by John Deere
  • High efficiency and reduced power losses
  • A value-spec transmission

All 5E Series Tractors are fitted with the latest generation of soft-shift transmissions that can be shifted easily even by inexperienced tractor drivers.

Save fuel, reduce noise, and increase engine life in power take-off (PTO) applications with the 540/540 Economy PTO

The 540/540 Economy PTO allows operators to select the engine rpm for reduced fuel consumption, reduced noise levels, reduced vibration, and less wear and tear on the engine, while at the same time keeping the proper 540 rpm at the PTO.

The economy PTO provides 540 rpm to the PTO at 1700 engine rpm. The 540 economy mode is ideal for any PTO application, from running a mower-conditioner to a baler or a cutter, where full engine horsepower is not required.

Operating at lower engine rpm decreases fuel costs up to 30 percent and provides additional productivity by improving the operating experience through enhanced operator comfort from reduced noise and vibration.

A lever allows the operator to simply change between 540 and 540E when conditions merit the opportunity to save fuel without affecting performance.