A low-profile specialty tractor purpose-built for orchards and vineyards.

  • 76.8 kW (103 hp) PowerTech™ engine
  • PowrQuad Plus 16F/16R or Powr8 32F/16R with Creeper transmission options
  • Connected with JDLink™
  • As narrow as 154.9cm (61″) working width (5ML Narrow Cab)
  • Cab or open operator station

The new 5ML - Purpose-built for vineyards & orchards



Premium cab designed for orchards and vineyards

This cab has been specially designed to be used in high value crop operations such as orchards and vineyards. Long, hot harvest days are more comfortable with the ergonomically designed cab featuring ample operator space, sleek right-hand console, air suspension seat, and an adjustable steering wheel. To ensure a comprehensive operator experience, controls are common throughout the 5 Series tractor portfolio. Limit tree canopy interference with the low-profile stance and optional limb lifters. By offering a narrow axle from the factory, the tractor opportunities have been widened.

  • John Deere designed and factory-installed cab on 5ML tractor
  • Stay on track using AutoTrac™ guidance options
  • Reduce operator fatigue with ergonomic right-hand controls
  • Minimise crop interference thanks to the low-profile tractor
  • Fits a variety of crop types with narrow axle offering
  • Reduce training time for new operators by having common controls throughout 5 Series portfolio
  • Damage to doors and windows is prevented by shielding around doors, reinforced glass, and integrated door handle

Fitting into the operation - Axle Configurations

No matter your row width, the 5ML can be configured to best fit into your operation. While working in orchards, the standard axle provides a powerful stance and presence. Fit into vineyards without compromising on technology or comfort by equipping the tractor with the narrow axle.

  • Fit down tight rows by narrowing the tractor width to 1.6 m
  • Capable of working in most orchards and vineyards
  • The narrow axle option unlocks a new customer segment for the 5ML series

Additional details:
When the tractor is ordered with the narrow axle, a “Narrow” decal will be added to the hood.

Automating everyday tasks with next level technology

The 5ML Cab tractor has the most technology offered in a John Deere high value crop tractor. Efficiently manage employees, crops, and data by adding a Gen 4 Display, StarFire™ receiver, and activating an AutoTrac™ subscription. Spend less time manually inputting records and more time growing a healthy crop by collecting data during each pass.

  • Minimise skipped rows and operator error by equipping the tractor with a Gen 4 Display and a StarFire receiver
  • Reduce operator fatigue by engaging AutoTrac guidance
  • Streamline repetitive tasks, such as making headland turns or tillage work, by using iTEC™ Basic (Intelligent Total Equipment Control)
  • View real time machine location and information utilising JDLink™ offered in base from the factory
  • Enhance job tracking data when working with ISOBUS compatible implements

Find the right working speeds for the job - PowrQuad PLUS™ / Powr8™ transmissions

Effortlessly find the right working speed for the job with simple push-button gear shifting. A more productive transmission is found on the PowrQuad PLUS™ and Powr8™ transmissions which use clutchless hydraulic shifting between forward and reverse.

  • Ergonomically placed transmission control lever allows the operator to change gears and ranges using one lever
  • Enhances operator efficiencies by reducing steps to change gears
  • Effortlessly switch directions using the electrohydraulic fingertip directional lever, ideal in applications that require frequent directional changes in tight spaces
  • Eliminates wear on the clutch by automating gear shifts at the push of a button

On-demand hydraulic performance - Closed Center Hydraulics

Increase job performance when using hydraulic implements, such as air blast sprayers, with pressure-flow compensated (PFC) hydraulics. Standard on all 5ML cab tractors, PFC hydraulics provide better hydraulic performance and cooling capacity when running large implements.

  • In standby mode, the PFC system is more efficient than a comparable open-center system because the hydraulic power is only provided when needed
  • Improved fuel efficiency by reducing engine power when it is not needed
  • Enhanced oil cooling when using hydraulically demanding implements
  • Reduced hydraulic noise levels

Maneuvering between the rows – Turning Radius

While working in your orchard or vineyard, getting in and out of the rows effortlessly is important. Turning radius is a top priority for high value crops growers and was a top priority when designing our high value crops tractors.

  • Efficiency gains when making turns in and out of rows
  • Worry less about making tight headland turns