Mid-Size Wheel Loader

  • Net Power: 113 kW (152 hp)
  • Operating Weight: 13 123–14 105 kg (28,931–31,097 lb.)
  • Bucket Capacity: 1.9–3.1 m3 (2.5–4.0 cu. yd.)


New EH Controls

Easily control up to six functions without removing your hand from the ergonomically designed joystick. Two industry-exclusive multifunction buttons can each be programmed to handle any of 10 functions selected through the monitor. Exclusive bucket vibrate function helps precisely meter out loose material such as feed and gravel.

Buckets & Linkage

New bucket and linkage designs improve load leveling, material retention, and visibility.

Elevate Your Work

New High-Lift Plus configuration provides an additional 24 in. in hinge-pin height over standard lift height, and 10 in. over the High-Lift model.

Redesigned Cab

Work in an operator station featuring 3 in. more legroom, an improved HVAC system, additional storage and an adjustable seatbelt, as compared to previous models.

Same-Side Ground-Level Service

All daily service points including fuel are conveniently grouped on the left of the machine for easy access.