Fuel efficient 4WD motor grader for Councils and contractors

  • Net Power: 160 kW (215 hp)
  • Operating Weight: 18,325 kg (40,400 lb.)
  • Blade Pull: 14,091 kg (31,066 lb.)
  • Net Torque Rise: 40%

Proven productivity for road construction, land levelling, and site preparation

John Deere G-Series 4WD Motor Grader customers are often repeat customers, with a fleet of machines trusted to make fast work of big jobs. Regional councils across Australia, the Australian Army, large remote livestock grazing stations, plant hire groups, and contracting teams all understand that “what makes you money is only touching dirt once”, which is why they choose John Deere motor graders.

Supported by RDO’s wide network of partners for service, parts and in-field support, G-Series Graders are loaded with durability-enhancing advantages that help deliver years of trouble-free service.

Grade Pro (GP) models enabled with SmartGrade™ grade control system deliver exclusive automation functionality for exceptional control and effortless grading precision.


620G/GP Features

The performance to power through jobs

Increased engine horsepower (160 kW / 215 hp), torque (peak 1005 Nm), and blade pull (14.1K kg) produce generous power and lugging ability, to deliver more power to the ground, and easily pull through tough spots or tackle steep hills. Horsepower and torque are optimised for each gear to maximise performance, no matter your application. The smaller, more economical 620G and 622G deliver practical power at up to 10-percent fuel savings over their larger siblings.

The John Deere 620G/GP Motor Grader is powered by a John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 6.8L 6-cylinder turbocharged engine with net peak torque of 1005 Nm. EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage V, EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA, and EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II emission-certified engines are available.

SmartGrade™ technology delivers precise grading

John Deere Motor Graders rise above the competition with SmartGrade technology, enabling operators to be more precise and more efficient, making the job go a lot faster, with less passes. As the industry’s first, these motor graders are fully integrated and calibrated from the factory, arriving at your job site ready to work right out of the gate.

John Deere’s fully integrated mastless 3D grade control symbolises the epitome of intelligent design and operational efficiency. In-cylinder position sensing allows the machine to stay on grade no matter what blade pitch, articulation angle, or circle offset you’re running. Run in any configuration to get the job done; v-ditch, slalom, curb, slope. A mastless machine control platform makes handling and transportation more efficient – less wires and more trouble free operation, with less downtime for repairs on cabling.

Avoid lost productivity and profits from downtime

John Deere G-Series Graders are loaded with durability-enhancing advantages that help deliver years of trouble-free service. All daily service points, including fueling and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), are grouped on the left side for quick and convenient ground-level access. On the right side, maintenance personnel will appreciate the easy-access engine oil, fuel, hydraulic, transmission, and differential filter bank.

Part of our Grade Pro model options, exclusive Machine-Damage Avoidance is a unique system that limits blade movement to prevent damage to tyres, steps, or structures, even under complex machine positions. This helps protect the integrity of your machinery and allows operators to concentrate on achieving the perfect grade.

With the optional inclusion of JDLink™ connectivity, access remote dealer support and machine health monitoring, proactively addressing conditions that may otherwise likely lead to downtime. JDLink™ also gives you access to precision construction technology and productivity solutions; machine location and utilisation data, alerts to help you maximise productivity and efficiency, and grade management options for multiple machine forms.

Intelligent automation for productivity

Automation and SmartGrade™ machine control technology can be ordered on new machines and be added to existing GP machines by your John Deere dealer, including industry exclusive Auto-Gain for Cross Slope, Auto-Pass, and Auto-Shift PLUS.

Auto-Shift PLUS lets operators control the machine using only the throttle and brake, eliminating the need for manual gear selection or the inching pedal – say goodbye to unexpected stalling and enjoy smoother operation. Auto Pass automatically lowers the blade to a predetermined elevation and enables machine control/cross slope at the start of a pass. At the end of the pass the feature can be configured to automatically raise and flip the blade angle.

Auto Articulation combines front steering and rear articulation using only a single control, allowing the rear tandems to follow the tracks of the front tyres, meaning the operator can make fine steering adjustments without the need to manually activate articulation.

Machine Presets save operators time by activating multiple functions, features, and machine positions by pressing a single button; automatically raise and rotate the blade, turn on hazard lights and beacon(s), enable auto-shift, return articulation to straight, turn on auto differential lock, and stow the ripper; allowing easy machine configuration for tasks such as transport.

The choice is yours

Across our Motor Grader range, you have a choice of standard G-Series features with optional upgrades, or Grade Pro (GP) model premium features. The key differences are centred around operator controls and technology. Optional features include:

SmartGrade Mastless 3D GNSS grade control system with Automation Suite; (Auto-Articulation, Blade Flip, Machine Presets, and Auto-Pass) and Machine Damage Avoidance.

Premium Circle with fully sealed and lubricated roller element slewing bearing for easier maintenance (four zerks every 500 hours), and a 40% increase in circle torque, 15% increase in circle speed and improved accuracy when using a grade control system. Includes Slip Clutch.

Operator station comfort like dual-joystick or fingertip armrest-mounted controls, opening front and side windows with laminated glass, and premium heated leather / fabric air-suspension seat.

A Mastless 670GP SmartGrade Grader with Premium Circle delivered into the Hunter region for Maitland Council 🚜 Awesome to get the new joystick grader onsite for Ian and James and operator Billy.