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644K Wheel Loader
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John Deere
Wheel Loaders
  • EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV engine delivers up to 25-percent better average fuel efficiency than its conventional IT4 counterpart with a lockup torque converter. In applications such as V-pattern truck loading, fuel savings will be even larger.
Hybrid-Electric Drive

Hybrid-electric drive smoothly and efficiently recaptures energy to slow the loader when the operator lets off the accelerator. This lessens the load on the engine and reduces fuel consumption.


Quad-Cool places the radiator, air-conditioner condenser, intercooler, and hydraulic, transmission, and optional axle coolers in a unique boxed configuration that's isolated from engine heat.


PowerShift™ transmission provides smooth moves through four forward speed ranges.


All daily service points, including fuel, are grouped on the left side for quick and convenient ground-level access. Sight gauges enable quick fluid-level checks.

  • Equip your loader with optional Z-Bar, High Lift, Tool Carrier, or Parallel Lift linkages.
  • Worksite Pro couplers make attachment switchover easy to get even more out of your machine.
Safety & Security
  • Sealed-switch module keeps out dust and moisture while eliminating nearly 100 wires. Prevent unauthorized machine operation with keyless-start requiring a numeric pass code.
  • Optional rearview camera and radar object-detection system
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