Mid-Size Wheel Loader

  • Net Power: 200 kW (249 hp) at 1,800 rpm
  • Operating Weight: 19 825–19 859 kg (43,707–43,783 lb.)
  • Bucket Capacity: 3.1–3.8 m3 (4.0–5.0 cu. yd.)



  • 9.0L (548 cu. in.) EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage V John Deere PowerTech™ PSS engine.

EH Controls

  • Easily control up to six functions without removing your hand from the ergonomically designed joystick. Two industry-exclusive multifunction buttons can each be programmed to handle any of 10 functions selected through the monitor including bucket vibrate and electrohydraulic (EH) Precision mode.

Roomy Cab

  • Operator station features three more inches of legroom, an improved HVAC system, additional storage, and a more adjustable seat than previous models.
  • Joystick controls, foot pedals, and sealed-switch module are all ergonomically placed for optimal comfort and convenience.

Buckets & Linkage

  • Featuring bucket and linkage designs that improve load leveling, material retention, and visibility, these loaders yield more productivity and performance than previous models.
  • A wide selection of enhanced production buckets with integrated spill guards, curved side cutters, and impressive rollback delivers elevated bucket-fill performance and material retention compared to earlier offerings.

Ground-Level Service

  • All daily service points including fuel refill are conveniently grouped at ground level on the left side of the machine for easy access.