249hp Mid-Size Wheel Loader

  • Net Power: 200 kW (249 hp) at 1,800 rpm
  • Operating Weight: 19,825 – 19,859 kg (43,707 – 43,783 lb.)
  • Bucket Capacity: 3.1 – 3.8 m3 (4.0 – 5.0 cu. yd.)

John Deere P-Tier Wheel Loaders

The P-Tier wheel loader range from John Deere can be counted on for high levels of productivity, day in and day out. Advanced features deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, operator comfort, and service life in demanding, heavy-duty applications.

With three z-bar linkage options, and three application specific configuration packages, the versatility of the P-Tier loader lineup gives private, commercial, and government fleet owners the flexibility to select the right configuration to suit multi-purpose or industry specific requirements.


724 P-Tier Features

Bucket loads of capability and versatility

Featuring bucket and linkage designs that improve load levelling, material retention, and visibility, these loaders yield more productivity and performance than previous models. Standard near-parallel lift z-bar linkage provides 2.87m 45 degrees dump clearance, while an upgrade to High Lift offers an additional 380mm / 15 inches height (3.25m clearance), and up to 1.24m reach at full height.

A wide selection of enhanced production buckets with integrated spill guards, curved side cutters, and impressive rollback delivers elevated bucket fill performance and material retention compared to earlier offerings. Go with the right configuration for your application; heavy duty general-purpose Enhanced Production (EP) pin-on buckets, Quick-Coupler hook-on linkage for easy switching between buckets and other attachments like construction forks, or Light Material buckets for increased bucket volume for moving bigger amounts of lighter materials.

Cab comfort and control

The 724 P-Tier operator station is spacious and comfortable, with a number of improvements over its K-Series predecessor. It features extra legroom, an improved HVAC system, additional storage space, floor to ceiling flat front glass, rear window defrost, rear view camera, radio, adjustable seat, and adjustable steering wheel.

Premium cab options available include a larger LCD monitor, optional rear object detection system and dedicated rear camera monitor, heated mirrors, leather heated / ventilated air heavy-duty suspension seat, and Automated Temperature Control (ATC).

Seat-mounted programmable electrohydraulic (EH) controls enable operators to easily adjust functions through the monitor, like EH Precision mode, Bucket Vibrate, boom and bucket aggressiveness, and storage of hydraulic flow and responsiveness settings for up to 10 different attachments. In the same line of sight under the monitor are programmable multifunction buttons that help to automate repetitive functions and trim down cycle times to increase productivity.

Ground-level service and connected support

All daily service points including fuel refill are conveniently grouped at ground level on the left side of the machine for easy access. Coolers are arranged so that the operator has access to both sides of all coolers, ensuring that all debris collected in the coolers can be cleaned out. Cool-on-demand functionality tailors fan speed to system heat, which efficiently meets cooling demands without needing operator input.

Keep on top of performance and machine health with JDLink and John Deere Connected Support to access machine location and utilisation, time in idle, fuel level, upcoming maintenance, red alerts, and more. Optionally allow your dealer technician to update software and diagnose problems remotely using Service ADVISOR Remote, making in-field support more efficient.

Mid-size agility and capability

Enabled by a John Deere PowerTech™ 9.0L 6-cylinder engine, 310L/min hydraulic flow (maximum rated), 40 degrees of articulation in each direction, 5.64m turning radius, and a maximum travel speed of 40km/h, the John Deere 644 P-Tier Wheel Loader will help you take your operation to the next level.

P-Tier wheel loaders are equally at home loading trucks and clearing debris on a development construction site, handling feed and fertiliser for large agricultural operations, handling ore and waste materials on a mine site, or moving logs and loading mulch for forestry operations. the Waste Handling application specific machine configuration package is available for the 724 P-Tier.