• 216 kW (290 HP)

  • Integrated intelligence

  • Choice of e23™ PowerShift or IVT™

  • Three cab and visibility packages available.



Experience the ultimate in comfort with the Ultimate Comfort and Convenience package

The Ultimate Comfort and Convenience package offers unsurpassed visibility, operator comfort, control placement, and ride and sound quality.

Get 360 degrees of coverage for maximum productivity with visibility packages

Visibility is one of the most important attributes of the cab. While lighting is a large portion of that, features like windshield wipers, mirrors, sunshades, and cameras are also important to overall visibility. Three visibility packages are available on 7 and 8 Series Tractors.

The lighting configurations are available to match various applications and ensure maximum around-the-clock productivity.

The LED lights provide 40 percent greater coverage width and 10 percent more light coverage in the rear.

ActiveSeat™ II seat provides a smoother ride

The John Deere Active Seat II utilises an electrical control system to control the vertical seat top movement. The “active” control system minimises vertical seat top acceleration by sensing vertical tractor inputs and actively positioning the seat top to cancel those inputs. This results in a significantly smoother ride for the operator.

Efficiency and comfort in the palm of your hand using CommandPRO™ control

The unique driving strategy is designed to deliver highest performance in combination with operator comfort making the daily work much easier and efficient.

  • Unique inching control
  • Three easily adjustable travel set speeds
  • Two engine set speeds
  • Three acceleration response settings.

Increase productivity with Triple-Link Suspension Plus (TLS™ Plus)

The optional TLS Plus is a fully integrated, self-levelling front suspension system available on 7R Tractors equipped with the 1300 mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) axle. TLS Plus provides exclusive front suspension using a hydro-pneumatic self-levelling system to increase productivity and improve ride dramatically. TLS Plus provides more control over the front suspension of the tractor.

TLS Plus increases both transport and field productivity with superior stability, ride, and comfort. Loader operators appreciate the enhanced performance when transporting bales or a full bucket of silage. In the field, the TLS Plus front suspension maintains ground-to-tire contact, enabling more power to the ground.

John Deere Connected Support™ transforms the industry

John Deere Connected Support is a proactive service approach that utilises the telematics machine connection to leverage a suite of remote support tools available to improve service efficiency and reduce machine downtime on all 7, 8, and 9 Series Tractors.

  • Proactive services that drive more uptime
  • In-the-moment services to ensure quality job performance
  • Leveraging technology to be more effective and efficient.

Gain the advantages of a JDLink™ connected machine

  • Easily transfer data and collaborate with trusted advisors to plan your field work quickly.
  • Better enable data-driven decisions.
  • Report work completed accurately and timely for compliance and billing purposes.
  • Increase machine uptime with Connected Support.
  • Get quick in-field support with RDA.
  • Remotely manage machines and employees to give you insights into how they are performing.
  • Quickly make changes to improve your harvesting operations by remotely viewing and adjusting combine settings.

Take advantage of the Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display, designed for efficiency

The Generation 4 CommandCenter was designed to provide a consistent user experience by providing full-screen viewing of more run page modules, shortcut keys, and precision agriculture capabilities.

Expect easier set-up, along with increased operator confidence, thanks to a simple, customisable interface. The improved design of the Generation 4 CommandCenter also aids in an optimal operating experience and maximises uptime.

Maximize versatility with front hitch options that fit a variety of applications

The 7R Tractors offer two front hitch options to best fit a variety of applications.

Standard (non-ground-engaging) hitch option.

Premium (ground-engaging) hitch option.

Premium hitches include a push bar and heavier lift arms.

Simple turnkey experience with the StarFire™ 6000 Integrated Receiver

The John Deere StarFire™ 6000 Integrated Receiver is the new standard in John Deere Precision Ag technology. The integrated design further enhances the value that you have come to expect from StarFire products.

The StarFire 6000 Integrated Receiver eliminates all setup, installation, and calibrations. There is no need to verify machine and receiver measurements, as this has been done precisely for you at the factory. You will spend 60 minutes less per receiver move each season, which gives you more time to focus on other parts of your operation.