Reversible Plow

  • Mouldboard frame pivots with the bottoms
  • Plastic mouldboard and steel shins
  • Landsides with wedges
  • Front gauge wheels

The John Deere 995 on-land Mouldboard Plough provides you with some definite advantages both in the field and on your bottom line. This plough is designed for medium-to-larger tractors (97- 149 kW) as it operates with 5, 6 or 7 bottoms. The pivoting design of the 995 allows you to reverse and make right and left-hand-side passes to increase your ground coverage. This tillage implement is great for stubble management, lime incorporation, seedbed preparation or weed and pest control – the perfect solution for organic producers. Visit your local dealer today and we will customise the 995 Reversible Mouldboard Plough to suit your needs.



V-style mainframe distributes weight for good penetration

The V-style mainframe of the 995 Moldboard Plow distributes weight for good penetration.

The mainframe is made of high-strength 178-mm x 102-mm (7-in. x 4-in.) tubing that is 8-mm (5/16-in.) thick to handle the stress of high-horsepower tractors working in tough ground conditions.

Moldboard frame pivots with the bottoms

All 995 Moldboard Plows use only one set of bottoms.

The moldboards are reversed laterally by a hydraulic cylinder that is standard equipment.

Integral on-land hitch provides excellent maneuverability

The integral hitch gives unexcelled maneuverability in turns and when parking in tight areas:
  • Category 3/3N Quik-Coupler compatible
  • Tractor rockshaft lever controls the raising and lowering of the plow
    • Maximum plowing depth to 356 mm (14 in.)
  • Provides ample clearance between the tractor tires and the plow.

Rear gauge wheels come in standard equipment

Two front and one rear gauge wheels are standard equipment on the 995 Moldboard Plow:

  • Equipped with 6.70-15 tires for good flotation
  • Easy turnbuckle adjustment on rear gauge wheel
  • Adjustable front gauge wheels limit the plowing depth to 356 mm (14 in.)