Variable Chamber Wrapping Baler

  • Tandem or single axle
  • Premium specification
  • Excellent in all kinds of crops
  • Produces around 80 perfect bales an hour


Heavy-duty (HD) bale chamber provides density and durability

In order to provide high-quality rolls, the F440R rolls are not two half shelves welded together. John Deere only uses tubes that are ribbed to better grip the crops. The dedicated manufacturing process produces an accurate cylindrical shape, avoiding vibration.

All rolls benefit from greased bearings on both sides, not only on the chain side. A three-lip plastic seal locks off debris, silage juice, and moisture from bearings.

Adjust bale size and density independently

The balers allow operators to maximise the quantity of material or minimise due to shipping and storage needs. The bale diameter can be easily adjusted from 1.25 m to 1.35 m (4.10 ft to 4.43 ft) by gliding a skid. The continuous settings allow an accurate and quick choice. The bale diameter is controlled by contactless sensors, which provide long durability and error proof monitoring.

Exclusive concept increases machine durability and forage quality

Integrated solution optimises weight and performance

The C440R is a single-operator machine. While past silage making required one operator for baling and another wrapping, the C440R gathers all operations in a single place.

In order to provide the best productivity and forage quality, all baler functions are developed from John Deere operator’s well-known products:
– The bales are formed by the new F440R Baler
– When wrapped, the bales are transferred to the wrapping area by the patented Transport Table System (TTS)
– The plastic film is wrapped by a two-arm system, the same as the 900 Series wrapping baler solution.
– The overall machine is handled by a rolling frame with tandem axle.

The TTS, rolling frame, and the electric harness are specially designed for the C440R Balers:
– The component durability is aligned to have a similar wear level for the life of the machine.
– The weight of the components are optimised
– The management software maximises overall productivity

  • TTS offers smooth bale transfer
  • High-speed wrapping arms increase overall productivity
  • Optimised cycle management increases productivity
  • Options to boost machine versatility
  • Wide-choice of dumping modes enhance efficiency, forage quality, and safety.

High-capacity feeding system boosts productivity

The C440R Baler uses the same, highly-productive and efficient pickup of the 900 Series Variable Chamber Balers. To fit all conditions, the baler is available with 2.0-m (1.86-m DIN) or 2.20-m (2.12-m DIN) width.

The C440R Balers pickup uses the cam track design. The cam track design provides a better quality solution when harvesting wet crops. Contrary to the cam-less design, the cam track pickup:
– Features a short space between the tines and rotor, limiting dead zone.
– Avoids pinching area, so no crops are plugged into the pickup drums.

  • High-capacity (HC) rotor for higher productivity
  • High cutting quality provides better forage
  • Select number of knives from the cab to increase uptime
  • Drop floor can remove the worst plugs.