Variable Chamber Wrapping Baler

  • High capacity, high performance 2 m wide feeding system
  • Wide hydraulic drop-floor clears even the worst blockage with ease
  • 3 powered fixed rolls and 2 large diameter belt driving rolls inside the chamber
  • Even in hilly terrain, the transfer table system provides efficient bale transfer


Versatile, productive, and durable premium pickup

Cam-track design offers the best versatility

Cam-track technology provides an efficient solution for such needs. The traditional stripper design provides reduced space between the pickup tines and rotor feeder, while the tine motion helps to avoids pinching.

The cam-less technology requires long strippers, creating a dead zone between the tines and rotor. Additionally, fixed tines can easily pinch crops in sticky conditions, causing plugs that need to be manually removed.

The cam-track pickup features a low turning speed and big bearings on both side of the tines bars. The cam lever is made of forged steel. All these features guarantee a long component life and low maintenance.

High-Capacity (HC) Premium rotors grab the toughest swaths

The C451R and C461R benefit from the proven HC rotor concept, featuring an in-line design

By using the HC premium rotor, the C451R/461R feeding system offers:

  • Limited distance from the pickup to rotor tines to reduce plugging, especially in brittle straw or short silage
  • Reduced number of bearings and distributed loads along the rotor to increase reliability
  • Large 48-cm (18.9-in.) diameter converging augers facilitate crop transfer.

The overall result is optimised crop flow that avoids all dead area where crops stay for a long time.

  • This smooth and regular crop flow guarantees high feeding capacity, especially in short crops such as brittle straw or sticky silage.
  • MaxiCut™ HC 13 Premium rotor offers standard cutting length coupled with high productivity and versatility
  • MaxiCut HC 25 Premium provides high-quality fine chopped crops.

Exclusive drop-floor concept removes the worst plugs

The C451R and C461R Series Balers come with a drop-floor unplugging system. In case of clog, the drop floor is managed from the display simultaneously or independently from the knives. When lowering the floor, the parallel kinematic has 40-mm (1.57-in.) extra free space under the rotor and converging augers
By providing a constant free space, the John Deere drop floor avoids bottlenecks existing on balers using movable floors with front or rear hinges. No need to have a huge opening (that sometimes causes crop loss), only a few free centimeters (inches) are enough to remove the plug.

The worst plugs generally happen when turning with the baler. In such situations, the crops are blocked under the converging augers and the clog must be manually removed. The unique John Deere drop floor features a full width, protecting the full pickup and rotor width. Even when plugged at the converging auger level, the clog can be easily removed by the operator from the cab.

35-rpm wrapping arms - bale faster than ever

The design of a very efficient and productive baler is not sufficient if the film wrapping unit is not able to follow the same rhythm of work. John Deere engineers came up with smart solutions to eliminate bottle necks and boost total productivity.

Cycle times have been decreased and the system allows a bale wrapped with six layers of film every 39 seconds, meaning a maximum productivity of 92 bales per hour. This performance is from 7 percent to 22 percent better than others in the worldwide market.

The core trick to achieve such productivity is in an innovative and powerful hydraulic motor which can drive the film wrapping arm at a 35-rpm speed and without any compromise for operator safety, as an integrated and automatic brake could stop every motion in a short time.

Changing film rolls is quick and easy

The C451R and C461R are equipped with a unique film roll storage device. Each film roll weighs about 20 kg (44 lb) and must be changed very often; this system has been designed to simplify loading and unloading operations.

Advanced displays and electronics allow the operator to drive the baler from the monitor

The C451R and C461R Wrapping Balers both use ISOBUS architecture and can be fully set from the display. There is no need for the operator to leave the cab, even for density or greasing parameters (when equipped with optional automatic greasing system), as everything is managed from drop-down menus.

Improve visibility to baler options with updated video camera and screen options

You can more clearly and conveniently keep an eye on the baling process with an updated video camera on F441R, V4X1R, and C4X1R Balers equipped with Vision Pack.

The factory-installed camera offers:

  • Higher definition with 77 percent more pixels
  • Wider view of 120 degrees instead of 90 degrees
  • Night vision thanks to infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Better visibility in very bright or contrasted environments
  • Integrated heating system to prevent dew from forming on the lens and obscuring the screen
  • Long 10-m (32.8-ft) harness for ease of use.