Track Cane Harvester

  • Efficient front end for smooth uniform feed, reducing cane losses and soil content
  • Large, premium cab integrates the latest technology with unparalleled comfort
  • John Deere-exclusive floating crop divider and contour basecutter height-control technology reduces soil content and cane loss
  • Harvest monitor will monitor harvester activities to improve operations

John Deere Cane Harvesters are the best-selling harvesters globally. No other chopper harvester can match their performance, reliability, comfort, options, and ease of use. A deep customer understanding has guided us into reengineering the well-known 3520 to deliver an even more distinctive John Deere experience. The all-new CH570 Harvester, with its outstanding comfort and innovative cane handling system, will provide better returns by increasing the amount and quality of cane delivered from the field during the whole life cycle of the crop at a reduced cost.

The CH570 will get through the toughest conditions and is powered by the proven 251 kW (337 hp) (280 kW [375 hp] optional) four-valve PowerTech™ 9.0L engine developed specifically for tough agricultural applications.



Harvest Monitor™ with SmartClean™ system enables cost saving decisions on harvesting and farming practices

Harvest Monitor is an industry-exclusive technology from John Deere.  Harvest Monitor gathers and analyzes valuable harvest information, enabling sugarcane producers to make smarter decisions that drive down harvesting costs and improve overall farming practices.

From the cab, the operator can monitor total tons harvested, harvester productivity, trash percentage, and fuel consumption. The operator can then use this information to make on-the-fly adjustments to optimise performance.

Through the John Deere Operations Center, the data can be processed to generate yield and other valuable maps and reports that will guide producers into making the right decisions on soil and water management, chemical application, crop renewal, field layout, equipment logistics, and much more.

Large, premium cab integrates the latest technology with unparalleled comfort

The premium smart cab is 30 percent more spacious and offers all the necessary comfort, convenience, and intelligent features operators will ever need.

Reduced noise levels (76 dB) plus improved air conditioning cooling with overhead vents will keep the operator relaxed during long working hours.

The air suspension seat has multiple adjustments and swivels so operators can find the perfect fit and viewing angle.

Integrated refrigerator


Hydrostatic basecutter and chopper maximise efficiency and performance

Basecutter and chopper

The CH570’s basecutter and chopper set the benchmark for cutting and feeding in the global market. The standard 251-kW (337-hp) engine option has the basecutter and chopper on one high-pressure hydrostatic circuit driven by a powerful piston pump maximizing efficiency. The 280-kW (375-hp) option includes an additional piston pump so that the basecutter and chopper are in two independent circuits, increasing the capacity to process the heaviest cane.

Sill roller

An exclusive sill roller helps to feed the cane billets into the primary extractor. Even billet movement augments cleaning. It also prevents billet back-feeding and accumulation on the sill.

Efficient cleaning system delivers cleanest cane ever

The CH570’s reliable cleaning system yields the cleanest cane in the industry. Cleaner cane, less billet loss, and less downtime will bring more profit.

The CH570 boasts the largest primary extractor fan in the industry — using four blades that measure 152 cm (5 ft) in diameter. This fan cleans at lower speeds, reducing horsepower consumption and cane losses.

Reduce operator fatigue with the HMS™ headland management system

The HMS adds a powerful productivity tool to the CH570 Sugar Cane Harvester. HMS greatly reduces operator fatigue through the automatic sequencing of harvesting functions normally associated with headland turns.

Extend elevator and feedroller train life with XWear™ parts

The CH570 and CH670 Sugar Cane Harvester extended life elevator and feedroller system option includes John Deere XWear prolonged-life components. XWear parts combine abrasion-resistant materials with the latest treatment technologies to deliver the longest life at a lower maintenance cost. XWear parts are ideal for extreme operating conditions or for simply getting through long harvest seasons without excessive downtime. The option includes highly abrasion-resistant elevator floor segments and chain wear strips, additional hard-surfaced feedrollers, extreme-duty tapered roller bearings, and hardened elevator chain sprockets.

  • Double the life compared to standard John Deere components in typical conditions
  • Minimise costly downtime
  • Reduce repair cost per ton