Cosmo Bully FLS Series TFLS125 Utility Tractor Mulcher

  • Compatible with John Deere compact tractors between 20-30 hp
  • Series 4 PTO shaft
  • Hammer standard blades

Images for illustrative purposes only. There may be variations in models displayed.

The COSMO BULLY FLS Series Flail Mowers are an ideal light-duty flail mower for hobby farmers with compact and sub-compact tractors. Front metal deflectors keep debris and other material under the mulcher and away from the tractor and operator. Height-adjustable replaceable skid plates and rear roller keep blades out of the dirt, protect the rotor and assist with implement longevity.

The Cosmo Bully TFLS125 mulcher can be paired with John Deere utility tractors with horsepower in the 20 to 30 range.




A 30hp gearbox, with incorporated freewheel, produces a high 3000 rpm rotor speed resulting in a superior cut.

  • Belt drive-side transmission via three (3) SPA type belts
  • Belts tensioner system incorporates a roller with external grease point


  • Standard with hammer blades
  • Cutting tools are mounted in a spiral configuration
  • Rotor mounting lugs are specially designed to prevent cutting tools from interlocking

Cutting height adjustment


  • Tapered leading and trailing edges
  • Positive locking with individual bolt holes to maintain height
  • Three (3) height positions


  • Ø 102mm, height-adjustable rear roller
  • Positive locking with individual bolt holes to maintain height
  • Five (5) height positions

Cutting height

  • 15 – 45mm cutting height

3PL information

  • Fixed/bolt-on tower
  • Two (2) mounting positions, 100mm apart, allows the operator to offset
  • Front parking stand to make connecting to the tractor easier
  • Category 1 linkage


  • Multi-fold deck with side walls creates a sturdy, rigid frame
  • Cast iron rotor hubs help maintain rotor balance
  • The Ø 280mm rotor swing diameter creates a compact cutting chamber
  • Powder coated finish

PTO & Protection

  • Series 4 PTO shaft
  • Standard with CE compliant, individual metal flap guarding
  • Waterproof manual holder


  • Gearbox – 30hp, 540rpm with free wheel clutch
  • Rotor speed  2600 rpm
  • Rotor swing dia 280 mm
  • Rotor diameter 76 mm
  • Working width of 1250 mm
  • Total width of 1430 mm
  • No. of blades 20-40
  • Weight 170kg