• 18 rows with spacings of 559 mm (22 in.), 914 mm (36 in.), 965 mm (38 in.), 1,016 mm (40 in.), 1 m
  • Available in any configuration of MaxEmerge™ 5 row unit
  • Choose form Central Commodity System (CCS) or non-CCS options


RowCommand™ individual-row control system

RowCommand controls seed output

The RowCommand system manages seed output, reduces yield drag, and improves harvest capabilities on all Pro-Shaft™ driven row-units, and chain-driven MaxEmerge 5.

RowCommand controls seed output by incorporating individual, low amperage clutches inside the Pro-Shaft and chain-driven gearboxes. Clutches are completely enclosed within the gearbox housing to protect them from the elements and harsh operating conditions.

Pro-Shaft drive RowCommand planters

RowCommand is available as a factory-installed option or as an attachment for field conversion attachments for the following Pro-Shaft drive planter models.

Chain-drive RowCommand planters

In terms of planter compatibility, RowCommand for chain drive is designed for the following planter model configurations equipped with pneumatic downforce systems.

SeedStar™ 2 monitoring system

The SeedStar 2 monitoring system is a full-feature, color, seed population monitor used in conjunction with the GreenStar family of displays. SeedStar 2 is compatible with the GreenStar 2 1800 and 2600 Displays, GreenStar 3 2630 Display, the Gen 4 4200 CommandCenter™ Display, the Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter Display, the 4240 Universal Display, and the 4640 Universal Display. Conveniently, SeedStar 2 planting functions are fully integrated with the full spectrum of Precision Ag Technology applications—guidance, coverage maps, and field documentation can be shown all on one display.

Seed variable-rate drive

Custom integral planter completing packages

The variable-rate drive on the 12Row, 16Row, 18Row, and 24Row integral planter completing packages provide the ultimate planting productivity by utilising three hydraulic motors to turn the seeding drive shaft. Hydraulic control of the seeding drive allows for on-the-go seeding rate changes right from the display mounted inside the tractor cab. Combine this seeding flexibility with the map-based planting option, and seeding rates adjust automatically based on a prescription map.

Central Commodity System (CCS™) adds productivity

CCS seed delivery adds productivity through increased seed capacity, bulk-fill capability, and easy, thorough cleanout. The two tanks have a combined capacity of 2466.7 L (70 bu) on the 12Row and 3523.9 L (100 bu) on the 16Row, 18Row, and 24Row custom integral planter packages.

For those who work into the night, a standard fill light package is available on machines equipped with CCS.