Round Baler

  • Built for high volume use
  • Premium specification
  • Excellent in all kinds of crop


High-capacity feeding system boosts productivity

Pickup design improves capacity and durability

The F441R Baler uses the premium pickup that is also equipped on high-spec V4X1R Variable Chamber Balers. To fit all conditions, the baler is available with a 2.0-m (6.56-ft) or 2.20-m (7.22-ft) width. The pickup, driven by 19.05-mm (0.75-in.) heavy-duty chains, features five tine (four on the F441M) bars with a low rotating speed. The large-diameter strippers allow five tine bars in the pickup. The picking capacity is 25 percent higher than for the F441M. With bearings added to the cam track, all of these features provide a smooth and quiet ride with extended uptime.

High-capacity (HC) rotor for higher productivity and durability

To maximise productivity in the toughest swaths, the F441R Baler features an HC Premium rotor design. Converging augers are aligned with the rotor, limiting the free space between pickup teeth and rotor. Plugging risk is also decreased and crop transfer is highly improved.

High cutting quality provides better forage

The F441R Balers are efficient in baling a high amount of cut silage. The MaxiCut HC 13 Premium and MaxiCut HC 25 Premium feature exclusive high-quality knives, providing several advantages.


Heavy-duty bale chamber provides density, durability, and multi-crop capability

Rolls manufacturing provides long lifespan

All rolls are now assembled on larger bearings that are 50 mm (1.97 in.) in diameter with a 90-mm (3.54-in.) width or 55 mm (2.17 in.) in diameter with a 100-mm (3.94-in.) width. On the left side of the machine the bearing load capacity has been increased by 20 percent and on the right side by 35 percent. All bearings are greaseable. Additionally, lips plastic seal integrated in chicane locks off debris, silage juice, and moisture from bearings.

Specific rolls handle the stress

All rolls feature upgraded quality steel providing 20 percent higher yield strength. Depending on their positions, the rolls do not all carry the same load and stress, specifically:

  • Rolls numbered 14 and 17 (blue) transmit the load of the main drive to the secondary chains (front bale chamber part and tailgate) and the pair of bottom roll numbered 10 and 11 (red) carry most of the bale weight. Due to this specific stress, these rolls feature a higher thickness of 4 mm (0.16 in.) instead of 3.2 mm (0.13 in.) and specific shafts in order to achieve requested durability.
Adjust bale size and density independently and maximise bale weight

The balers allow operators to maximise bale weight and minimize total production costs due to shipping and storage needs. The bale diameter can be easily adjusted from between 1.25 m to 1.35 m (4.10 ft to 4.43 ft) from the monitor. The settings (seven steps) allow an accurate and quick choice. The bale diameter is controlled by contactless sensors, which provide long durability and error proof monitoring.

Facilitated maintenance increases uptime

Single-piece side panels offer easy-access to components

The F441R features a single-piece side panel with a gull wing opening to provide full access to the baler side components. No additional shielding needs to be remove to maintain the baler.

Automatic chain lubrication increases component durability

Automatic chain lubrication is offered as standard on the F441R Balers to increase the baler lifespan.

Greasing bank gathers most of the zerks

The F441R features a grease bank as base. Most of the greasing points are gathered on banks, delivering grease to the bearings. Downtime linked to daily service is significantly limited, while the operator’s comfort is enhanced.


Fit needs with wide monitor choice

GreenStar™ 4240 Display enhances operator comfort

The F441R can be delivered with various monitors. At the top of the baler range, the GreenStar 4240 Display can be ordered. This monitor features a 21.5-cm (8.5-in.) diagonal color display. The touchscreen offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that easily allows operators to adjust and control:

  • Bale diameter setting and status
  • Bale density setting and status
  • Gate and bale position
  • Twine/net settings and status
  • Drop floor management and status
  • Knife management and status
  • Automatic tailgate management
  • Tractor Baler Automation management
  • Rearview camera management (dedicated harness to be added)
  • Greasing parameters and status when automatic greasing option is chosen
  • Bale counter (99 resettable options plus one total bale count option)
  • Electrical harness and sensor status.

Limit soil compaction with wide tyres

Large tyre range to fit operator needs

Agronomy, weather conditions, and roads are key points when choosing tires. To match these needs, the F441R offers a wide-range of tires, from narrow 45.7-cm (18-in.) tires, to large 600/50/22.5 tires. The variety offers easy field entering, travel on uneven roads, and less damage to grassy turf areas.

Improve visibility to baler options with updated video camera and screen options

You can more clearly and conveniently keep an eye on the baling process with an updated video camera on F441R, V4X1R, and C4X1R Balers equipped with Vision Pack.

The factory-installed camera offers:

  • Higher definition with 77 percent more pixels
  • Wider view of 120 degrees instead of 90 degrees
  • Night vision thanks to infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Better visibility in very bright or contrasted environments
  • Integrated heating system to prevent dew from forming on the lens and obscuring the screen
  • Long 10-m (32.8-ft) harness for ease of use.