Gason Classic 7T Spreader for Mid Size Tractors

  • Ideally suited to John Deere 6 Series Utility Tractors
  • Spread urea to 24m and heavy pelletized fertilisers up to 30m
  • All steel construction, with low maintenance and great accuracy
  • Durable, reliable and built to last
  • No external connections required

Gason Spreaders are simple to operate and are highly efficient. They will give you years of reliable service, manufactured from heavy gauge steel and coated with two-pack paint for superior corrosion protection.

Gason’s Classic 7T Spreader will spread urea to 24 metres and heavy pelletised fertilisers up to 30 metres. Its feed chain speed is controlled by a 3-speed fully sealed Australian-built gearbox/jockey wheel drive system running on the spreader’s tyres.

Fine application rate adjustment is made by changing the rear discharge door height. Spinners are operated hydraulically, and hungry boards are fitted as standard on 7T the model.

  • Spinner speed can be controlled either at the spreader or tractor.
  • Spinner speed is displayed on the spreader-mounted tachometer.
  • No external connections are required.

If you’re looking for a tough and dependable spreader for fertiliser or manure, a Gason Classic is the ideal machine.




Dimensions (mm)

  • Overall width: 2500
  • Bin width: 2355
  • Overall height: 2630
  • Sie of bin height: 2485
  • Overall length: 5500
  • Bin length: 3000
  • Wheel centres: 2000
  • Front step height: 565
  • Ground clearance: 460
  • Spinner height to ground: 690

*Heights measured with 450mm under front hitch and no tarp kit or load cell options. Add 150mm to overall height if load cells kit is fitted to 7T Spreaders.

Spreader Weight (kg)

  • Unloaded: 1700
  • Max. loaded weight: 8900

Bin Capacity By Weight (kg)

  • Urea (estimated @ 750kg / 1000L) – 5925*
  • Super (estimated @ 1200kg / 1000L) – 7080*

*Hungry boards fitted to 7T models

Flotation Tyres (Size)

  • 18.4-26

Options & Extras

  • Tarp Kit with long handle for ease of use. (also available for 3T)
  • Calibration Kit to determine accuracy of pelletised products.
  • Load Cell Kit calculate your application rate accurately.
  • Heavy Duty Spinners for heavy materials. (also available for 3T)
  • Independent Feed Chain / Spinner Hydraulic Kit.
  • Tail Light Kit