Gason VHD Delta 20 Wing Slasher for Mid Size Tractors

  • Compatible with John Deere tractors between 90-200 hp
  • Cutting width of 6.1m
  • Multi-tasking machine
  • Folded easy clean deck design
  • 2.5m transport width
  • Heavy duty flotation tyres
  • Swing back blades on hardened bushes

Choose Your Configuration

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Gason VHD Delta Wing Slashers are designed for contractors, orchardist and government users requiring an easily manoeuvrable, dependable and reliable slasher. The Delta Wing is a true multi-purpose machine, adapting to landscapes all over the country.

Delta Wing slashers hydraulically fold for narrow road transport. Driveline componentry, deck construction and wear points are easily serviceable and designed to meet demanding conditions.

Your choice of rear discharge (for roadside slashing) or side discharge (mulch throw for orchards) will optimise the ideal machine for your conditions.

Available in different working widths, it can be paired with John Deere utility tractors with horsepower in the 90 to 200 range, subject to tractor specifications.




Available with the option of side discharge or rear discharge. Side discharge is suited to orchard mowing where pruning’s are thrown under-vine, whilst rear discharge is suited to roadside slashing operations.


  • Dual mulch blade kit: For finer break down of long materials
  • Oil seal protector kit: Fitted around gearbox under deck


  • Triple rotor
  • Cutting width of 6.1m
  • Approximate weight of 4,400kg
  • Deck materials: Angular streamline 6mm deck with underside reinforced
  • Gearbox: 210HP BareCo Power Divider to Comer Italian rotor heads (3)
  • PTO shaft: Comer Italian – V80 Series CVJ
  • Clutch: Over-run device on input and 4 plate clutches on each PTO
  • Skids: 8mm removable side plates with wide hardened skids
  • Rotor bar: Laminated spring steel
  • Blades: Suction uplift swing back blades
  • Wing movement: 20˚ cutting down / 45˚ cutting up
  • Tractor connection: Swivel eye tow pull on hydraulic level lift including spring suspension
  • Front and rear chains: Galvanised safety chains with rod replacement system

Additional information

Suitable with John Deere tractors between 90-200 hp, subject to tractor specifications.
PTO 1000rpm