3D Nozzles

John Deere 3D Sprayer Nozzle

Chemical efficacy is a high priority for any operation. In trials conducted 3D nozzles outperformed flat fan nozzles by 10% with up to 75% drift control*. Due to the unique angle of the spray tip and alternating the direction of the nozzle across the boom, 3D nozzles deliver the full desired application rate at the desired target. Engineered to enhance coverage of hard to hit targets like grass weeds and complex canopies.

*Sygenta field trials controlling black grass

3D nozzles are a truly versatile nozzle with exceptional results in insecticide and fungicide applications and post emergent herbicides. Designed through 10+ years of Syngenta guidance, field trials and wind tunnel research. The 3D Nozzle was the first flat fan nozzle to achieve 4 star international drift reduction rating without compromising efficacy.

  • 10% performance improvement against traditional flat fan nozzle.
  • Improved coverage and efficiency gains from reduced water volume.
  • Improved drift control of 60-75% compared to traditional flat fan nozzle.
  • Alternating nozzle direction improves spray accumulation on the target leaf.
  • Engineered to create a more consistent droplet size, reducing drift potential, keeping the application on the desired target.
  • Compatible with John Deere ExactApply, See & Spray, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and Conventional spraying.
  • John Deere SnapLock technology for faster and easier removal and installation.
  • Preassembled for convenience.