Even Spray (ES) Nozzles

John Deere Even Spray Sprayer Nozzle

Even Spray 80ᴼ nozzles are recommended for use with See & Spray in Australian Conditions.

  • Targets weeds native to Australia

John Deere See & Spray technology has the ability to direct single or multiple nozzles to spray as required. By directing a single nozzle to spray with a traditional 110ᴼ fan nozzle tip, native weeds such as fleabane (which resembles a thin straw) are only covered on one side of the weed. Due to ineffective coverage, full eradication is severely impacted, which encourages future chemical resistance.

  • Even coverage is key to killing these weeds

John Deere Even Spray 80ᴼ nozzles are designed specifically for single tip applications and are recommended for use with See & Spray technology. The even spray pattern of each ES nozzle provides ultimate knockdown performance across the entire boom in tough Australian conditions.

  • How do ES nozzles differ from traditional nozzles?

By using a traditional tapered flat fan nozzle, a tapered flat fan spray pattern is produced, impacting weed knockdown effectiveness in certain applications. ES nozzles provide a direct, single application rate and pattern directed over the target, concentrating the full application rate in a much more compact and targeted area and reduces overlap and improve chemical effectiveness.