JAGZ™ Interlocking Cutting Edge System

John Deere proprietary cutting edge system for any loader model, guaranteed for life against breakage. JAGZ™ are reversible, self-sharpening, made from through hardened 15B30 Boron Steel and are interchangeable across the bucket.

  • Reversible, bolt-on interchangeable pieces deliver more versatility, ease of install and adjustability, saving time and money.
  • Self-sharpening edges wear from the bottom up, giving up to twice the longevity and increased wear.
  • Flexibility of staggered or straight Interlocking configurations, depending on your application, leading to more accurate bucket fills and bucket penetration.
  • JAGZ™ are on 15cm (6”) bolt hole centres and are customisable depending on bucket width.
  • Less waste at the end of the lifecycle than traditional edges and users can reverse them for a fresh edge at any time!
  • JAGZ™ maximize usable steel by allowing for up to 90% wear before replacement compared to 50% usable steel on conventional bolt-on edges.
  • Extended wear life and lifetime warranty against breakage.
  • Designed for fleet flexibility, to fit the specific applications of loaders, scrapers, and excavators.
  • Leaves a smoother work surface, reducing tyre wear and increasing comfort.