Low Drift Max (LDM) Nozzles

John Deere Low Drift Max Sprayer Nozzle

John Deere released the Low Drift Max nozzle as a result of engineering a nozzle for PWM applications. The nozzle was designed, tested and built to suit ExactApply and pulsing. Maintaining drift control regardless of pressure, flow or chemistry of the product being applied.

Some adjuvants make air inducted nozzles less effective due to pattern collapse during pulsing application. Low Drift Max nozzles use a pre orifice to meter flow leaving the outlet to focus just on spray pattern. Without the need for a venturi effect, Low Drift Max nozzles can remain effective at lower pressures than most air inducted nozzles, making this nozzle more adaptable.

With a 120ᴼ spray pattern the overlap is maintained at different boom heights. When coupled with spray pattern thickness of 60ᴼ the coverage is superior to comparable nozzles. Producing course through to extra course droplet size the Low Drift Max nozzle is truly a precision instrument for today’s sprayer technology.

  • Dual pre-orifice nozzle for reduced drift
  • Compatible with John Deere ExactApply, See & Spray, PWM and Conventional spraying.
  • 120ᴼ Spray angle for good pattern overlap and prevent pattern collapse at low flow.
  • 60ᴼ pattern thickness for superior coverage.
  • Preassembled for convenience.
  • John Deere SnapLock technology for faster and easier removal and installation.