Special-Purpose Grease

Heavy-Duty Moly Grease

  • For use in construction, mining, and heavy industrial equipment. Used in pivot pins, bushings, ball joints and track rollers, but not to be used in wheel and roller bearings. Protects when shocks loads and sliding pressures are severe, and protects against extreme machine pressures.

HD Water Resistant Grease

  • For use in wet environments, where rust and corrosion are prevalent. Used in pins, bushings, and anti-friction bearings. Protects against water washout and spray off

Corn Head Grease

  • For use in corn-head gear cases. Used in reel mowers and gear cases running up to 1,000rpm. Thins to a heavy gear oil when hard at work, then thickens to a grease when at rest; will not leak from slow-moving gearboxes