Spindle Cleaner

Using the right formula of spindle cleaner protects your machinery and parts instead of washing away spindle grease with soap or detergents. John Deere has uniquely formulated their oil-in-water emulsion that incorporates tiny droplets of oil to both clean and protect spindles, bushings, doffers and moisture pads. The oil droplets provide protection against rust and oxidation of bushings and spindles. In both soft water and hard water, the spindles are cleaned effectively. Meets JDN354 specifications.

  • Increases your harvesting performance with a higher yield of cleaner cotton
  • Reduces your operating and maintenance costs by protecting your cotton picker’s mechanical parts from rust, oxidation, or corrosion
  • Saves on grease costs by minimising grease wash off
  • Reduces spindle wrapping and staining
  • Allows longer intervals between tank refills
  • Does not harden doffers and moisture pads as some soaps or surfactants do
  • Keeps spindles cleaner – cleans away dirt, plant residue and contaminants from the spindles