Stinger™ Grader Cutting Edge System

John Deere Stinger™ Grader Cutting Edge System delivers consistent, reliable performance in a wide range of applications. Stingers eliminate wash boarding and potholes, requiring fewer passes than standard grader blades, as well as decreasing the number of passes necessary to properly maintain a road surface.

  • Stinger bits are made with exclusive tungsten carbide-tips, which are stronger than steel and can penetrate hard-packed, gravel and frozen surfaces easily with less pressure and horsepower.
  • Stinger carbide bits last 10x longer than conventional blades.
  • Bits can be replaced easily with a hammer and drift in minutes – very easy to service!
  • Individually replaceable, rotating, and self-sharpening.
  • Wear uniformly & maintain an even cutting height due to their ability to be rotated from position to position.
  • Compatible with all Motor Graders – for use on secondary roads.
  • Available in over a dozen tool styles and fit universally into three blade strengths for a variety of applications:
      • STANDARD DUTY: ideal for light-use grading in average conditions.
      • HEAVY DUTY: useful in most grading environments.
      • SEVERE DUTY: best for working in extreme elements.