Twin Nozzles

John Deere Twin Spray Sprayer Nozzles

John Deere offers 2 different twin nozzles. Low Drift Twin and GuardianAir Twin nozzles. Both offer twin nozzles set at a 30ᴼ angle. Angling the nozzle stream creates opportunity for chemicals to be delivered around and underneath leaves.

Low Drift Twin nozzles offer the ability to use with ExactApply and PWM as well as conventional spraying. Utilising a pre orifice chamber to meter flow allowing the tip to focus on spray pattern, Low Drift Twin nozzles provide excellent coverage in post emergence applications of fungicides, insecticides and contact herbicides.

GuardianAir Twin nozzles offer all the same benefits as Low Drift Twin nozzles with the addition of being air inducted. In utilising air induction technology, the nozzle is ideal for penetrating canopies in post emergence fungicide, insecticide and contact herbicide applications. GuardianAir Twin nozzles are not suitable for PWM applications.

  • 30ᴼ angle twin nozzles.
  • Ideally suited for post emergence applications in crops with complex canopies.
  • Adaptable for use in controlling weed grass with hard-to-reach leaf area.
  • Preassembled for convenience.