Ultra Low Drift Max (ULDM) Nozzles – When Drift Control is paramount.

John Deere Ultra Low Drift Max (ULDM) Sprayer Nozzle

Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. Doing more with less is a key decision maker. Chemical technology is no different. High efficacy at low concentration has become the norm. With that comes the need to control drift more than ever. Low concentrations drifting onto valuable crops can wipe out unintended targets. When drift control is paramount John Deere has the Ultra Low Drift Max nozzle. An air inducted nozzle that creates large air-filled droplets across a broad range of speed and application rates.

After droplet size, boom height is the second largest factor in impact drift control. Standard 110ᴼ nozzles require booms to be at a certain height to provide the correct amount of coverage. Ultra Low Drift Max nozzles have been engineered with 130ᴼ pattern angle resulting in optimum coverage even at very low boom heights. Lower boom height provides less opportunity for droplets to drift in turbulent air.

  • 95% drift reduction when compared to traditional flat fan nozzle.
  • Ultra Course and Extra Course droplet size across a wide range of pressures.
  • John Deere SnapLock technology for faster and easier removal and installation.
  • 130ᴼ spray pattern for optimum coverage at low boom heights.
  • Venturi initiated air induction, creating ultra course air filled droplets for maximum drift control.
  • ExactApply, PWM and Conventional spraying compatible.
  • Preassembled for convenience.