Ultra Low Drift (ULD) Nozzles

John Deere Ultra Low Drift Sprayer Nozzle

Ultra Low Drift Nozzle is an Air Inducted nozzle which is ideal for pre and post emergence herbicide applications, where drift reduction is vital. Maintaining a small compact design with dual air inlets to minimise opportunity of accidental damage yet maintaining enough air flow to support venturi air induction.

A 120ᴼ spray pattern results in overlap that is maintained at different boom heights. When coupled with spray pattern thickness of 60ᴼ the coverage is superior to comparable nozzles. Producing medium through to ultra course droplets the Ultra Low Drift nozzle is extremely adaptable.

  • Creates air filled droplets for reduced drift potential.
  • 120ᴼ Spray angle for good pattern overlap and prevent pattern collapse at low flow.
  • 60ᴼ pattern thickness for superior coverage.
  • Preassembled for convenience.
  • Best suited for conventional spraying applications.
  • Small compact design reduces risk of accidental damage.