The range of HOWARD slashers available from RDO Equipment is designed and built to meet the market requirements for tough Australian conditions.

The EHD slasher is the benchmark for all slashers. The EHD is backed by an unlimited horsepower rating, as the gearbox is fully fabricated from steel and fitted with a forged, one piece blade beam spindle. Backed by a two-year gearbox warranty,  the EHD is the preferred choice for many contractors and municipal users as it is built for optimum safety, performance and service life.

The Howard Nugget compact range of slashers are designed and built to meet the market requirements for a tough, long-life compact slasher at the right price. Many of the features from the larger Howard slashers are incorporated to ensure long service life and top performance. They can be either centre mounted or offset to meet all your slashing needs.

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RLM Finishing Mowers

The next generation of mowers from Howard, the RLM Finishing Mower is designed for general mowing in a wider variety of applications including parks, sports ovals, reserves, roadsides and turf farms.

Recommended for tractors up to 110hp, the RLM is available in three sizes:

  • RLM178 – 1.78m Cutting Width
  • RLM237 – 2.37m Cutting Width
  • RLM350 – 3.49m Cutting Width

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Rotary Hoes

HOWARD rotary hoes are designed and built for professionals. Our range of rotary hoes is legendary for toughness and durability.

The renowned range of HOWARD AH Rotary Hoes are designed specifically for Australian conditions. More effective in wetter conditions than competitor machines, AH rotary hoes allow growers to work the ground earlier, plant earlier and get to the market earlier.

HOWARD’s CH Rotary Hoes are designed and built for professionals who rely on machinery for their livelihood. CH rotary hoes are legendary for toughness, durability and resale value. The modular toolbar style frame allows rippers and furrowers to be fitted for a one pass operation.

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