Dalby, QLD

Henry Finlay, Vanderfield

“My interest for this industry is the diverse range of equipment and machinery John Deere has to offer. There is not just one machine I am learning on or repairing and as John Deere gets more and more advanced into the future the more this brand keeps me on my toes and offers more learning to enhance my skills and abilities in being the best mechanic I can be.”

Inverell, NSW

Justin Solomon, Vanderfield

“I enjoy the work, brand, the customers, and the team I work with. I have gained many good friends, great diagnostics skills, and work ethic that I think also plays a big part in my private life of how I approach and resolve everyday living.”

Eastern Creek, Sydney, NSW

Shane Powick, RDO Equipment

“I always had an interest from a young age in machinery and wanted to be a mechanic, so it made sense to choose this career path. I also had an interest in pulling things apart to see how they worked and getting in trouble off my parents when I had parts left over!”

Richlands, QLD

Scott Jackson, RDO Equipment

I have always been driven to support the customer, as I am not just seeing a machine. I also appreciate that my colleagues find me approachable as being the “John Deere Guy” for general and more in-depth queries. I also like to set a high quality of workmanship: there is no point in a task if its untidy or a band aid solution.”

Derrimut, VIC

Brendan Wilkinson, RDO Equipment

“Customers rely on the machinery and our support to make their living and keep their work moving. They buy a premium piece of equipment from a world leading brand, and with each machine comes a reputation to gain and uphold.”

Toowoomba, QLD

Luke McGahan, Vanderfield/RDO Equipment

“I believe customer support represents the company, its people, resources, John Deere, and capabilities relating to all of these. Being in a support role, I have to provide both proactive as well as reactive support to both our dealers and customers.”

Launceston, Tasmania

Troy McMahon, RDO Equipment

“Good customer support can always give you a customer for life, and our customers are our life blood. If customers are not happy with our customer support, they may well reconsider dealing with us next time, so it is very important to show them our support and provide exceptional service.”

Toowoomba, QLD

Harry Vaughan, Vanderfield/RDO Equipment

“I believe it is essential to always deliver exceptional customer support as John Deere, RDO Vanderfield and their staff would not exist without contented customers. Developing a relationship with the customer based on reliability, consistency, and the knowledge we as technicians will go further than they expect will hopefully develop a mutual loyalty.”