Articulated Dump Truck

  • Net Power: 239 kW (321 hp) at 1,900 rpm
  • Rated Payload: 24,192 kg (53,334 lb.)
  • Heaped Capacity: 15.0 m3 (19.6 cu. yd.)

Built for the work you do

To design our P-Tier Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs), we spoke with the experts — equipment owners and operators just like you. Through Customer Advocate Groups, you told us exactly what you need in an ADT. We listened and responded with automatic dump control. Quiet, pressurized cab. Adaptive suspension. Onboard diagnostics that help keep operators in the know and on the go. Ground-level serviceability. And intuitive options such as onboard payload weighing, high-mounted LED lights, and tire-pressure monitoring. The new 260 P-Tier ADT is purpose-built with the productivity of your operation in mind.



Raise Your Expectations

At the press of a button, automatic dump control shifts the transmission to neutral, sets the service brakes, increases engine speed, and initiates dump-body raise, to automatically dump the bin, control other necessary machine functions, and eliminate repetitive cycling motions.

Smooth Operator

Sealed and pressurised to keep out dust and noise, John Deere-designed 69-dB ultra-quiet cab helps operators stay alert and comfortable. Standard adaptive suspension system stabilises the ride, no matter the machine cycle, empty or loaded. Fully adjustable air-ride seat makes smooth sailing out of any terrain.

Weighty Matters

Calibrated at the factory, optional onboard weighing system displays payload weight on the in-cab monitor during loading, with real-time load and tonnage data transmitted via JDLink™. Access to accurate payload values removes the guesswork from daily production levels, increasing uptime and efficiency.

Far From the Daily Grind

A Deere exclusive, all daily checks and periodic service are accessible from ground level, including refills of fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Service points and sample ports are color-coded to fast-track preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Get Onboard With Owner and Operator Settings

When enabled through the monitor, these standard onboard features help optimise operator focus and productivity:

  • Rollover protection alerts operators to unsafe dump angles and stops the dump cycle.
  • Downhill dump protection automatically calculates ADT position so the dump body doesn’t move over-center when emptying downhill.
  • With auto dump brake enabled and driveline assist activated, the service brakes latch during unloading.
  • With hill hold, the service brakes automatically apply when the ADT is stopped on an uphill slope and the operator’s foot moves from brake pedal to throttle, preventing backward machine rolls.
  • If dumping is stopped before the bin is fully empty, frame protection cushions bin travel back to the cradle, preventing aggressive frame seating.
  • With shuttle shifting, the transmission may be shifted without the ADT coming to a stop, improving cycle times and eliminating operator abuse.
  • Descent control helps regulate ADT speed when driving down a descent through automatic use of the transmission retarder.
  • Dump-body limits can restrict maximum dump height when low overhead obstacles are encountered.
  • Transmission warmup automatically begins at ADT startup, improving ride, shift quality, and daily productivity.
  • Maximum speed limit can be set to match jobsite conditions or requirements, reducing operating complexity.