Site grading just got easier with SmartGrade

  • Rated operating capacity: 1,680 kg (3,700 lb.)
  • Gross Power: 74.6 kW (100 hp)
  • Net power: 72.0 kW (96.6 HP)
  • Operating Weight: 5,493 kg (12,100 lb.)

3D grade-control technology



333G Features

Grade it easy with John Deere grade-control options

Onboard grade-indication provides a real-time readout of cross-slope (machine roll) and mainfall slope (machine pitch) on the in-cab monitor. Use relative value readout to alter grades relative to existing or reference grades.

Slope Control lets operators automatically maintain blade position without using external lasers or GNSS, to hold grade with less effort, corrections, and adjustments. Laser option helps make Slope Control even more productive.

The first CTL to feature fully integrated 3D-grade-control technology, the 333G SmartGrade includes our operator-friendly DozerMode control system. Pushing a button on the sealed- switch module switches to the EH control pattern to enable intuitive crawler operation. Deere-designed and -built six-way SG96 Dozer Blade is tough enough to cut grade but can also smoothly spread or precisely fine-grade materials.

Versatility and agility on the job site

The low centre of gravity and superior balance of a John Deere compact track loader provide exceptional agility and stability, especially when operating on slopes. Features and functionality like differential steering, a turbocharged Yanmar 4-cylinder diesel engine that packs plenty of power and torque, increased auxiliary hydraulic flow compared to previous models, and impressive boom and bucket-breakout forces deliver the tractive effort and leverage to carve out clay, plow through piles, and handle large loads. The 325G two speed transmission will get you around the work site at up to 12.6 km/h.

The John Deere 331G compact track loader can be paired with over 100 attachment models to extend the versatility of this small machine for big ideas. Australian business operators working in construction, forestry and landscaping have access to a vast array of attachments and implements to tackle jobs of all sizes, for professional results in faster turnaround times.

Track loader attachment options include augers for farmers and fencing contractors; brooms for road construction crews; cutters, shredders, and saws for land clearing; bale and fodder handling attachments for farms and feedlots; forks, buckets, blades, grapples, and backhoes for earthmoving and materials handling required by landscaping teams.

Cab controls, comfort, and visibility

The G-Series cab delivers large entryways with swing-out doors to make it easier to get in, get comfortable, and get on with the job. Inside the sealed and pressurised cab, there’s more productivity-enhancing foot and legroom. Operators will appreciate the low effort fingertip joystick EH control for increased functionality and productivity, and faster jobsite manoeuvring provided by John Deere differential steering.

Electrohydraulic (EH) ISO-pattern joystick controls can be optionally upgraded to a switchable ISO-H pattern for easy control of attachments, boom/bucket speed settings, and creeper mode. Deluxe instrumentation EMU comes standard, with operator selectable monitoring of key diagnostics, status, and configuration.

Clear sightlines to the cutting edge and bucket corners, above and below the lift arms, and the jobsite ahead and behind means operators can manoeuvre and operate with confidence in proximity to ground workers and other machinery. An optional rear view camera, standard low-sloped hood, and a high cross-tube on the upper-linkage result in unmatched rear visibility, while optional removable glass side windows mean visibility can be maintained with easier ability to detach and clean. Lighting for night-time and low light conditions can be enhanced with the optional LED lighting package, including body mounted side lights.

Uptime and serviceability

For both owner operators or plant hire fleet owners, we understand that ease of maintenance and reliability are paramount. A swing-out rear door enables easy access to daily service checkpoints and cooling system, while the tilt-up the hood provides for convenient ground-level access to dipsticks, fuel and fluid-filler necks, and filters.

The 331G’s generous 114 litre tank capacity and fuel-efficient diesel engine enables daylong operation, letting you accomplish more between fill-ups. In addition, true Auto-Idle automatically idles the engine when static for 5 seconds to save on fuel and component wear.

To further maximise uptime and lower costs, optional JDLink™ wireless communication system provides machine location, utilisation data, and alerts to help you maximise productivity and efficiency. JDLink also enables John Deere Connected Support™; dealers use Expert Alerts based on data from thousands of connected machines to proactively address conditions that may otherwise likely lead to downtime.

Customise your CTL for multiple applications

Design your John Deere compact track loader to suit your job requirements, with many options for specific needs around overall dimensions, environmental conditions like climate and time of day, and operator comfort and controls.

Both standard and wide track options are available to balance manoeuvrability, ground pressure, and traction, from the standard 400mm (15.8”) tracks for 2.0m wide machine stance, through to optional 450mm (17.7”) tracks for 2.05m wide stance, exerting just 4.9 PSI ground pressure, for work in soft underfoot conditions and side-slope stability.

A deluxe LED lighting package upgrades the standard halogen front and rear lighting to LED, and adds body mounted LED side lights for improved all-round visibility in low light conditions. Cab and operator comfort customisations include a wider seat belt and/or additional shoulder belt, air-ride seat in cloth or vinyl, keyless-start or cold-weather starting package, cab air conditioning, radio and bluetooth connectivity, and the highly rated EH joystick performance package.

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Congratulations to CWJ Earthmoving on the new 333G Compact Track Loader! Welcome to the RDO family mate 🥳

Forestry mulcher on the 333G Compact Track Loader being used for land clearing and vegetation management by @intmowers 🌳 

🎥 Zac, RDO Gympie 

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Welcome to the RDO family @ezyflow.civil 🥳 A new 333G Compact Track Loader set-up with 2D slope control. Enjoy the new beast!


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+/- 25mm accuracy in the 333G. 📐

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Demo time with Sheriff Civil Contracting in Launceston, Tasmania, with the team trying out the 333G Compact Track Loader, being used here to build a road for a new subdivision. 🏘️ 

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RDO Dig Dayz next stop: Dubbo, NSW 🔥

Join us to demo the John Deere construction line-up, including the 333G Compact Track Loader, 672GP Grader, 672GP SmartGrade Grader, 624K and 844L Loaders, 850L and 1050K Dozers and the E210LC Excavator.
6-8 Sep. Register your details - link in bio. 🚜

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