A Powerful Compact Utility Tractor for Acreage Owners

  • 49 kW (65 hp) Engine
  • eHydro™ transmission with Twin Touch™ pedals
  • Rear hitch capacity up to 1,229 kg (610 mm behind lift link ends)
  • AutoConnect™ drive-over mower decks up to 1.8m (72″)
  • ComfortGard™ Cab or Open operator station

The ultimate multitasking compact tractor to make life easier for small acreage owners

Scott Kolln, RDO Equipment Beaudesert, says:

“When small acreage owners tell me they want a compact utility tractor that makes it easy to connect their 3-point linkage implements, I tell them John Deere has got you covered with the Hitch assist feature found on the 4044R and 4066R model tractors. Hitch assist makes life easy by allowing the operator to raise and lower the 3-point hitch and inch the tractor forwards or backwards while standing on the ground at the back of the tractor. It’s a great example of how John Deere has the right solution to suit every application.”