Articulated Dump Truck

  • Net Power: 359 kW (481 hp) at 1,700 rpm
  • Rated Payload: 41,820 kg (92,197 lb.)
  • Heaped Capacity: 25.2 m3 (32.9 cu. yd.)

Built for the work you do

To design our P-Tier Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs), we spoke with the experts — equipment owners and operators just like you. Through Customer Advocate Groups, you told us exactly what you need in an ADT. We listened and responded with drive modes including fuel-efficient Eco. Quiet, pressurized cab with rear-camera display. Onboard diagnostics that help keep operators in the know and on the go. Ground-level serviceability. And intuitive options such as automatic temperature control (ATC) system, onboard payload weighing, and auto lube. The new 460 P-Tier ADT is purpose-built with the productivity of your operation in mind.



Driven to Succeed

Three drive modes enhance machine response to match the application: Normal for typical operation; Eco that, when conditions allow, conserves fuel by smoothing throttle input, reducing maximum rpm, and optimising transmission response for those conditions; and Traction, which applies added control to the auto-differential-lock system and powertrain to maximise traction over soft and slippery ground.

Body of Work

Redesigned, wider dump body than previous models boosts material retention and lowers loading height and center of gravity, improving cycle times in quarry and aggregate applications. Bin rail with angled top lessens material spillage during travel. Reduced transport width of under 12 feet eases moving between jobsites.

Rugged and Reliable

Robust machine sensors and simplified routing of electrical harnesses and hydraulic hoses improve reliability. Reduction of hose length and number of connections — 10-percent fewer than E-Series models — minimises system complexity.

Fuel Saver

Eco mode automatically adjusts engine power and transmission settings based on load while limiting horsepower, for fuel savings of up to seven percent over E-Series models and up to 12 percent compared to Normal mode.

Get Onboard With Owner and Operator Settings

When enabled through the monitor, these standard onboard features help optimise operator focus and productivity:

  • Rollover protection alerts operators to unsafe dump angles and stops the dump cycle.
  • Downhill dump protection automatically calculates ADT position so the dump body doesn’t move over-center when emptying downhill.
  • With auto dump brake enabled and driveline assist activated, the service brakes latch during unloading.
  • With hill hold, the service brakes automatically apply when the ADT is stopped on an uphill slope and the operator’s foot moves from brake pedal to throttle, preventing backward machine rolls.
  • If dumping is stopped before the bin is fully empty, frame protection cushions bin travel back to the cradle, preventing aggressive frame seating.
  • With shuttle shifting, the transmission may be shifted without the ADT coming to a stop, improving cycle times and eliminating operator abuse.
  • Descent control helps regulate ADT speed when driving down a descent through automatic use of the transmission retarder.
  • Dump-body limits can restrict maximum dump height when low overhead obstacles are encountered.
  • Transmission warmup automatically begins at ADT startup, improving ride, shift quality, and daily productivity.
  • Maximum speed limit can be set to match jobsite conditions or requirements, reducing operating complexity.