Front End Loader for 6R Series Utility Tractors

  • Compatible with the 6R 110, 6R 120, 6R 130, 6R 140, 6R 150 tractor range
  • Ideal for standard loader tasks
  • Unobstructed view
  • Fast, easy mounting
  • Easy maintenance

Light and strong, the M loader is the affordable loader for all standard Agriculture applications. A 20% lighter boom and 20% less rear ballast than R loaders give your tractor an extra agility boost. The slim boom provides good visibility to the bucket, hooking points and all around. The strong Mechanical Self Leveling system provides 1.7 times higher rollback force than the already high lift capacity. Raise a bucket in 6 sec to feed your cattle faster.



Operate your tractor quickly using a light loader

Get your jobs done fast with the M-Series Loader. The John Deere M-Series Loader has been specifically designed for users looking for a lighter loader for all daily ag applications.

  • About 20 percent lighter than the R-Series for a more agile tractor
  • About 20 percent less required rear ballast
  • Quick-operating hydraulic cylinders (e.g., raise a bucket in 4 seconds with the 603M Loader)

Complete tasks quickly with high lift capacity from the mechanical self-leveling linkage

All M-Series Loaders are equipped with the mechanical self-leveling (MSL) feature, keeping attachments precisely parallel when raising. The geometry of this linkage has been optimized for a lift capacity up to 1875 kg (4133.7 lb) combined with a 1,6 to 1,9 times higher bucket rollback force. This extra force helps you feed cattle faster with full grapples.

John Deere measures and indicates lift capacity at 800 mm (31.5 in.) in front of the pivot point and with a bucket installed. This shows you the high payload value that the loader is fully capable of handling.

Excellent visibility with a slim boom design

For tight areas that are often found on mixed or livestock farms, the loader boom has been kept slim. This results in great front visibility to the attachment, like a bucket and loaded goods, as well as around the loader.

When connecting an attachment, the mounting hooks are clearly visible from the seat for an easy change in less than 1 minute.

Connect and disconnect attachments to the carrier in seconds

Buckets, grapples, forks, and other attachments are changed daily to handle different materials. The M-Series Loader lets you change these attachments easily within a minute.

  • Attach from the cab and simply roll back the attachment to lock
  • To unlock, pull one easily accessible lever
  • Third hydraulic function connectors are ergonomically placed for easy access

Smooth operation and an extended life with greaseable, replaceable bushings

All bushings on the loader are wide to smoothly transmit forces and can be easily greased. Bushings that transmit the highest forces can be replaced to let you use the M-Series Loader over many years.