Front End Loader for 7 & 8 Series Tractors

  • Updated Design for Model Year 2020
  • Superior strength and visibility
  • Optimal for heavy-duty chores

Save time attaching or detaching the loader with the single-point hydraulic connection

The 700M Loader features a single-point hydraulic connection that saves the operator time when attaching or detaching the loader. This feature also incorporates the connection point for any electrical needs as well as the hydraulic lockout valve. With all hydraulic and electrical connections in one location, installation is quickly completed with the push of a handle.

NOTE: Before disconnecting the hydraulic connection between the loader and the tractor, it is necessary to release the hydraulic pressure.

The 700M Loader has been redesigned to route the oil lines and hydraulic lines through the boom arm and the torque tube. This internal routing ensures better protection of the lines from external damage and improves the overall appearance of the loader.

Quick and easy loader removal and parking using toolless features

John Deere loaders are quickly attached and detached from the tractor without the need for tools. With easy-to-use mast pins, parking stands, and single-point hydraulic connection, the loader can be removed and reinstalled in minutes. To work in applications outside of loader use, John Deere loaders provide an efficient solution to park the loader.

Removal and parking of the loader can be done with the following instructions:

  1. Apply slight down pressure to the loader boom with the bucket dumped at approximately a 30-degree angle.
  2. With the tractor in park, install the parking stands and place the mast pins in the open position.
  3. Utilizing the boom circuit with the tractor in neutral, rotate the mast forward until the mast has rotated past the pin location on the mounting frame by extending the lift cylinder. Using the bucket circuit, rollback the bucket until the mast is removed from the pocket and will clear the tires.
  4. With the tractor in park, shut the engine off and relieve the hydraulic pressure as indicated for the tractor. Relieve pressure on the single-point hydraulic connection, then disconnect or open the single-point hydraulic connector.
  5. Store the loader half of the single-point connector on the side of the loader boom. The tractor is now ready to back away from the loader.

Easy and safe service using the boom lockout function

The 700M Loader comes equipped with a hydraulic shut-off valve to improve serviceability. When conducting brief service to the loader, close the hydraulic shut-off to ensure the loader does not move while operating under the equipment. This feature promotes a safe way to conduct brief maintenance without having to use support stands or removing the loader completely.

Faster cycle time for mechanical self-leveling (MSL) loaders using false rod cylinders

The mechanical self-leveling 700M Loader utilizes a false rod cylinder to improve cycle-time performance. This bucket cylinder is designed with a smaller displacement of oil required on the head end of the cylinder, which allows the cylinder to function more quickly, decreasing operation cycle time. With the false rod cylinder design, loader applications can work more quickly and efficiently.